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ARCHIVE of global volcano statistic


OCTOBER - 01- 2010- JUNE- 30- 2011



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- 1. VOLCANO SURVEY AND CURRENT ACTIVITY STATUS- (data- source: USGS: Smithsonian institute)

- 2. my own project ( :

-WORLDWIDE VOLCANO ACTIVITY SURVEY ON A TIME SCALE- begun in October 2010 and continued

-my new exclusive interactive WORLD VOLCANO MAP- with more than 500 volcanoes worldwide known as active. Description: see below!


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Volcano watch- global activity statistic-archive ( 1) October- 2010- June- 30- 2011
<< click here, to get informations, news reports archives with maps, links, videos of earthquake disasters
<< click here, to get informations, news reports archives with maps, links, videos of volcano disasters
>> First archive( 2010) of my successful evaluation project begun in 2010: Are there coincidences between sun spot activity and seimic activity- are seismic activities related to the sun activity? ( Earth Quake prediction experiment)
just click on the names an labels of the interactive map to get detailled informations! -Note: This map is designed for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel.
  click here, to get to an interactive volcano map with names and labels .
This second map is not made yet! what you see there is currently just a draft. This map in a different format than the upper one will be made and will be finalised in 2011 !
  interactive_world_volcano_map 2_ all resolutions

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OCTOBER- o1- 2010- JUN- 30- 2011









last update



find with Google Earth:


issued alert-level

webcam URL ( if available

Media reports. international

Media reports. deutsch VIDEOS NABRO eruption- 2011-Photo:
JUNE- 12- 2011 borderregion ERITREA/ ETHIOPIA 13°22'0"N/ 41°42'0"E


the frist eruption report on an eruption at DUBBI (Eritrea) turned out to be obviously false.


der June- 14- 2011: Experten beschuldigen falschen Vulkan; NABRO galt seit 10.00 Jahren als erloschen

remark: The volcano was dormant since 11.000 years! Its eruptions is believed to b part of a process whereby parts of the African continental plate brakes away. in 2005 a 60 km long fault formed out in the so called Nafra depression not far from the volcano

image and report: der>

JUNE- 04- 2011 CHILE 40°35'25"S/ 72°7'2"W PUYEHUE-CORDON CAULLE 3 none  

( report by USGS)

Photo: NASA

MAY- 22- 2011 ICELAND 64°25'0"N/ 17°20'0"W






> (international) ALERT LEVELS:


Meanings of colours in the columns:

" GREEN ALERT"- level

NORMAL (alert Level "1")

"YELLOW ALERT"- (alert level 2)

ORANGE ALERT ( level 3)

"RED ALERT"- (level 4)








volcano either calm or calm again

the volcano is at its normal activity

ongoing activity

seldom used alert level: volcano is going to erupt

current unrest/ eruption

current status: unknown

The numbers in the fields respresent the date of the specific month, on which changes on the activity status were registered

date number with an * ( such as 16*) mean,: volcano was already active , but activity increased or decreased on that daate


> Original Volcano data/information sources in this reports:

"alert levels" in this report generally accord the the alert levels , as weekly issued by the :SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE/ USGS- USA (global volcanism program)

see also: "The dynamic planet"- tectonic world map by USGS and Smithsonian institute with several features

Data on volcano status are regularly updated with data by the global volcanism program institutes. New Updates on the worldwide volcano activity are issued usually each Wednesday for the past week . Please note: Due to the data processings ar USGS and other institutes, this map can be updated once weekly. So far as possible I hope to have enough time to keep this page updated. If I should miss this mark, you can always obtain current volcano data at: USGS Global Volcanism Program


> Own extensions to this report:

With this site, I want generallyto create a timely overview on volcnanic activities over the year and not just a momentary report. Therefore, you will findin this report the following additional attributes:

about grey alert level ( grey colored table-cells) :

about: reports can only be updated once in a week- usually on Wednesday- as soon as the new weekly report of USGS/ Smithsonian inst. is issued.




find any of more the more than 700 active volcanoes on Earth volcano on Earth on my world volcano maps:.

find volcanoes , current activities and reports, but also webcams and much more . especially on my regional maps:


useful if you are just searching for any volcano

all volcanoes on one map (volcano world map with alternative background maps )

select your map:


My internal maps serve several purposes related to issues on my wesbite: One is the mapping ancient sites for my mythology projects, the other is my "volcano watch" as an extension of my weather forecast project: As a easy and practical data base your find on these maps really all know active volcanoes worldwide, mapped accurately on Google satellite maps and stuffed with all related basic geologic informations and links to the USGS database . My special features are links many volcano webcam ( as far as available) Each volcano and ancient site mark in the register cards is equiped with "Google Earth program commands ": With just one click, your Google Earth program will find the exact location of the requested site and you can see the real environmental close up image of that site. Also on these regional maps:

An weekly updated volcano activity report of the volcanoes in that region (the reports are updated once per week usually Thursdays with current data by USGS global volcanism program ) with alert levels , activity history and links to local survey institutes . Histories of significant Earthquakes of other events as well as media reports or documentary videos

regional volcano maps- select your regional volcano map and just click on the little image or the link below :

(1) please read first


  NORTHERN AMERICA Central America, Mexico and Caribic South America- Northern part

South America- Southern part


Africa and Arabic peninsula


Europe, Western Asia Kamchatka peninsula, Aleutian islands

Indonesia and Philippines

Japan, Mariana Islands- Kyril islands

S- W-Pacific region/ Australia



This table was started in October 2010

The following activity status report was made on basic of the latest global volcanism report by USGS- June 22- 28-2011-


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xx xx xx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx   xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx   xx                                



2011 >>>


click to enlarge! The green curve represents the sun activity.
The red and grey columns the largest Earth- quake magnitude of that day
The numbers in the columns stand for the number of Earthquakes above 2.5 on that day




second quarter>>



kkss lllj jj
MONTHS >> OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN 2011 m FEB m MAR   m APRIL 2011   MAY- 2011              
QUARTER> | 01 02 03 04   01 02 03 04 m 01 02 03 04 m 01 02 03 04   01 02 03 04   01 02 03 04 VOLCANO   01 02 03 04   01 02 03 04 (05)            
  EUROPE int. map OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN 2011 m FEB m MAR   m APRIL- 2011   MAY- 2011            
SICIL and AEOLIAN ISLANDS: STROMBOLI INGV-CT             19                 17       STROMBOLI                    
ETNA/ Sicil> INGV-CT                 22             16       ETNA/ Sicil>   03 08         08       jj   13 > 13    
ICELAND: GRIMSVOETN map                       probably already active GRIMSVOETN   probably already active       21                
NVC Eyjafjallajökull cam   27                     Eyjafjallajökull                    
  AFRICA:   OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN 2011 m FEB m MAR AFRICA: m     MAY- 2011            
ERITREA NABRO MODIS                       NABRO           13> 13      
CONGO NYIRAGONGO VAAC                 04       13     NYIRAGONGO                    
  ERTA ALE     m     21 23                   ERTA ALE                    
link           09               P.S.L.FOURNAISE                    
  ASIA:   OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN 2011 m FEB m MAR ASIA: m APRIL 2011   MAY 2011              
INDONESIA DIENG VOLCANIC COMPLEX CVGHM                       DIENG VOLCANIC COMPLEX           18 22              
GAMKONORA CVGHM                       GAMKONORA         29>                  
LOKON-EMPUNG TEMPO                   22     LOKON-EMPUNG                    
  KARANGETANGA CVGHM           12               11     KARANGETANGA             19                
  SEMERU           18-19                     SEMERU                    
  TENGGER CALDERA CVGHM         23         20           05                 TENGGER CALDERA       27             13      
  KRAKATAU VAAC     02               24             KRAKATAU                    
  MERAPI     26     level 4               3-9             MERAPI                    
  DUKONO               01             21     5-7   15 23       16- 20 28   06       DUKONO   04   21-22                  
  BATU TARA                                 20     BATU TARA     28   03              
Sundra Islands: RINJANI                               RINJANI                    
BATUR BALI           19                   BATUR BALI                    
PHILIPPINES MAYON PHIVOLCS           (unknown)     18   25         MAYON           01 > 08      
int. map TAAL PHIVOLCS                 10- 15           TAAL     05       24            
  BULUSAN PHIVOLCS     06     24     12   23           17- 20       BULUSAN     07       13 17                
JAPAN: SAKURA-JIMA VAAC         10-16*                     SAKURA-JIMA             08      
int. map Ryukyu Island:                         Ryukyu Island:                    
  ASO VAAC                       ASO           15                


            10-12           20                      



KYUSHU island:


KYUSHU island:

KYUSHU KIRISHIMA JMA                 19 26         24- 28     13     KIRISHIMA     18 >             23  
RUSSIA SARYCHEV PEAK link >             28                 SARYCHEV PEAK                      
int. map KARYMSKY link >               5-7           KARYMSKY                
Kamchatka peninsula KLIUCHEVSKOI link >   23     10   25                           30 KLIUCHEVSKOI           29            
link > 28     9         17              
  KIZIMEN KVERT       11 17       13 17 26- 28     21         KIZIMEN     22     17     5- 8 16- 24  
  GORELY                 12 19             04           GORELY                    
  BEZYMIANNY             3-10       28 m     m   BEZYMIANNY m 01 07                      
  NORTH-AMERICA map(int.) OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN m FEB m MAR NORTH-AMERICA m APRIL 2011                
  ST HELENS CVO                 14         ST HELENS                    
ALASKA REGION CLEVELAND AVO                         31 > CLEVELAND   01                  
map(int KATMAI                           KATMAI         11                  
  CENTRAL AMERICA int. map OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN 2011 m FEB m MAR CENTRAL AMERICA m APRIL 2011   MAY- 2011            
GUATEMALA SANTA MARIA INSIVUMEH         17 22       8     45-6     20     10       27 SANTA MARIA         28                    
  FUEGO INSIVUMEH               12         8       5-6 10 >             17- 22   30/31> FUEGO   04/ 05     28           23- 24  
  PACAYA INSIVUMEH                   8- 14     5-6   21 - 24         PACAYA                    
MEXICO COLIMA CENAPRED   28               12 >             COLIMA                    
int. map POPOCATEPETL CENAPRED               11-12       1- 7               02     02     26 POPOCATEPETL         11     27>   01-03        
SAN SALVADOR SAN MIGUEL SNET                       09   26 SAN MIGUEL                    
COSTA RICA ARENAL                                       ARENAL                    




  TURRIALBA                   14           TURRIALBA             09>      
NICARAGUA TELICA VAAC                       TELICA           15                
int. map SAN CRISTOBAL VAAC             15     4             SAN CRISTOBAL                    
  CARIBIC: int. map OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN 2011 m FEB m MAR CARIBIC: m APRIL 2011   MAY- 2011            
Montserrat SOUFRIERE HILLS link - MVO       11*   29             04         18   SOUFRIERE HILLS     low         11         03        
  SOUTH AMERICA: int. map OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN m FEB m MAR SOUTH AMERICA: m APRIL 2011   MAY- 2011            
COLOMBIA NEVADO DEL HUILA link         11                   NEVADO DEL HUILA                    
int. map NEVADO DEL RUIZ link                         NEVADO DEL RUIZ                    
  MACHIN           03                   MACHIN                    
  GALERAS                 25           31 > GALERAS   01                  
ECUADOR REVENTADOR                     4               REVENTADOR                    
int. map


link                       20       23    


  TUNGURAHUA IGEPN         22         5             TUNGURAHUA     22                  
CHILE PUYEHUE-CORDON CAULLE SERNAGEOMIN                         PUYEHUE-CORDON CAULLE     26 >         04    
  PLANCHON-PETEROA link           11               17       17- 18   PLANCHON-PETEROA     17       02             24- 25  
int. map CHAITEN                           CHAITEN           19                
  VILLARRICA                               VILLARRICA                            
  OCEANIA   OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN m FEB m MAR OCEANIA m     MAY- 2011            
HAWAII KILAUEA link                             05   KILAUEA     20- 26               1- 7    
  AUSTRALIA int. map OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN m FEB m MAR AUSTRALIA m                    
  ULAWUN ROVO/ RVO                   23- 26     ULAWUN       01 09                  
NEW ZEALAND RABAUL VAAC                       29 RABAUL                    
  MANAM           14                         MANAM                    
OTHERS: PACIFIC   OCT   NOV   DEC   JAN m FEB m MAR PACIFIC m APR   MAY- 2011            
VANUATU AMBRYM VGO                           AMBRYM             27  
SW PACIFIC YASUR VGO                           YASUR         12         01        
PNG RUAPEHU GEUNET/NZ                           RUAPEHU   05   18                    
  BAGANA (PNG) VAAC                           25- 28 BAGANA (PNG)           16                
  PAGAN                         22     PAGAN     23                







<< click here, to get informations, news reports archives with maps, links, videos of earthquake disasters

r << click here, to get informations, news reports archives with maps, links, videos of volcano disasters  
e << Earthquake Statistics- START- with archives from 2004- 2010  
z >> First archive( 2010) of my successful evaluation project begun in 2010: Are there coincidences between sun spot activity and seimic activity- are seismic activities related to the sun activity? ( Earth Quake prediction experiment)  


Are you looking for informations on volcanoes? On my exclusive volcano map you will find more than 500, resp. all known active volcanoes worldwide:

>1. find the country

> 2. find the volcano, your are searching in the country`s index as by an associated number on the map its geographic position! (note: the accuracy is determined by the maps resolution )

3. click on any of the volcano name labels in the Index to get directly connected to the specific volcano information on the website of the Smithsonian institute/ USGS ( world volcanism program), where you can find all additional data base informations on that particular volcano, as well as an automatic google search plugin by which Goggle Earth automatically finds and localises your volcano on Google Earth!

4. get directly connected to associated volcano webcams (so far as available, known or yet posted on the map) by a links symbol beside the volcano name label on my map

Note: The volcano map is designed for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Any other resolutions will position at least the labels on different places . I want to create several modified maps in 2011. First of all: one which works with all screen resolutions- others with tectonic or topographic overlays.

Here I am working already on version 2.0: interactive volcano map version 2.0

site status:Nov- 07- 2010: 80% completed! Please be patient! I am working on that! Finally the map will contain all known active volcanoes worldwide (more than 500)with direct links to particular informations or volcano webcames. The map is currently processed. There are several hundred volcanoes to be mapped and this work will take some time to be completed )
click on the image to get it in an enlarged size :

About this page:


- Statistical tables and charts on worldwide volcanoe activities-


The Earth has more than 500 active volcanoes. some are under steady observation. Others just wake op after sometimes century of " sleeping ,and come into our conscience again if there any new activity can be felt or measured on the surface. There are many individual volcanoe surveys, but expecially Europe seems not to have a coordinated survey. Out of my own research, I expect the actuical rather intense worldwide volcanic activities probably to rise more in the next years ( 2011, 2012). Therefore, I want to create here a worldwide , easy understandable overwiew with special charts and tables which show then worldwide activity , shiftings and other changes within a timetable. Visitors of this site should have a one page an overwiew, which may help them planing their activities

Basically , this site will contain a statistical time- overview table on volcanoe activites over the year , that will be updated once a week, by which also developments can be better predicted. Allthough I won`t make any forecast based on that, this kind of display might be useful to see where currently is the most activity. Users may draw their own conclusions

I do have a new forecast method on test, by which volcanoe and earthquake activites can be predicted very precisely by date but not where they would occure. (for these forecast, visit: global weather center> SOLAR). For this purpose, this new timetable on this site might be helpful. I have begun this page in Oct 10- 2010. Due to the system of archiving, this site will also become with a while a good list of volcanoes and a good source for information on vulcanoes themselves , as some informations can be added such as links to general informations or webcames in the second column left ( "web")

Please note: This list of volcanoes will not be completed at once, but due to current activites. Please, be patient, if the list will not contain immidiately all volcanoes you are looking for. But it will become more complete with a while, due to new activities those occure. Also, I want to create a large map, on which all these volcanoes can easily be located. Deutsche Benutzer werdenhier bald auch eine Textübersetzung finden



3.1. Videos:

latest video:Beginning eruption of SINABUNG- volcano Sumatra (Indonesia) on: AUG- 28- 2010

upper video:Beginning eruption of SANTA SANTA MARIA Santagiato volcano- Guatemala on: April- 20- 201






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