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with links to volcano data ( global volcanism program) media reports and videorecords


on my site volcano watch you find a statistic graphic of the global volcano activities in 2011



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new( 2010) my world volcano map ( maybe the only one in the internet, which maps and lists all known active volcanoes on Earth! chose your map:

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>> First archive( 2010) of my successful evaluation project begun in 2010: Are there coincidences between sun spot activity and seimic activity- are seismic activities related to the sun activity? ( Earth Quake prediction experiment)
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my new map of all known active volcanoes worldwide:

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- just click on the names and labels of the interactive map to get detailled informations! click on the symbol for volcano webcam, to get directly connected to volcanoe webcams ( if available)

Version 1 ( ver 1) is designed for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel. If the locations are not displayed correctly, you can try version 2!



Image left: first eruption from outbreak of MERAPI volcano/ on Java/ Indonesia on Oct- 26- 2010
Indonesian websource with kind of webcam images out of different views



Kirishima eruption on Jan- 27- 2011>> (Photo:


latest update on this report was made on: September 04-2010-
here you find repots on volcano unrests, those caused signficant damages or alert situations. This report will not always be up to date! For latest updates global volcano activities click here. (USGS- weekly global volcano activity report)
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ongoing activity
new activity/unrest
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Media reports. internationa/BBC

Media reports. deutsch/Spiegel VIDEOS IMAGES link
DEC- 04- 2011 INONESIA 0°48'0"N/ 127°20'0"E GAMALAMA GAMALAMA   none (additional video source by BBC:) Thousands flee Indonesia's Gamalama volcano    
NOV- 27- 2011 ECUADOR   TUNGURAHUA TUNGURAHUA   reports will follow    
OCT- 25- 2011 SOUTHERN CHILE 45°54'0"S/ 72°58'0"W CHI) CERRO HUDSON   none ABC News- 20101027- Chile Orders Evacuation Near Rumbling Volcano      
OCT- 27- 2011 INDONESIA/ Sulawesi island pos 1°21'30"N/ 124°47'30"E LOKON-EMPUNG   none      

JULY- 14-2011

15: 30 UTC

INDONESIA/ Sulawesi island pos 1°21'30"N/ 124°47'30"E LOKON-EMPUNG   none none available yet none available yet
JUNE- 12- 2011 borderregion ERITREA/ ETHIOPIA 13°22'0"N/ 41°42'0"E


the frist eruption report on an eruption at DUBBI (Eritrea) turned out to be obviously false.




remark: The volcano was dormant since 11.000 years! Its eruptions is believed to b part of a process whereby parts of the African continental plate brakes away. in 2005 a 60 km long fault formed out in the so called Nafra depression not far from the volcano

image and report: der>

der June- 14- 2011: Experten beschuldigen falschen Vulkan; NABRO galt seit 10.00 Jahren als erloschen

JUNE- 04- 2011 CHILE 40°35'25"S/ 72°7'2"W PUYEHUE-CORDON CAULLE  

( report by USGS)

Photo: NASA

APRIL- 26- 2011 TUNGURAHUA-ECUADOR - pos 1°28'1"S/ 78°26'30"W IGEPN BBC- 2011-04-26: Ecuador raises alert as Tungurahua volcano spews ash    
MARCH- 07 HAWAII 19°25'16"N/ 155°17'12"W KILAUEA


31°55'51"N/ 130°51'50"E

GPS: 31.931°N/ 130.864°E

Kirishima Shinmoedake (KIRISHIMA complex): ( shield volcano)- last eruption: 1949

( Jan- 27- 2011)Kirishima Volcano Violently Erupts in Japan

(ASIAONE- news- Jan- 29- 2011): Eruptions continue at Shinmoedake

( Aschewolke verdunkelt Japans Süden

Schweizer Fernsehen- Jan- 27- 2011): Vulkanausbruch in Japan




Original Volcano data source : SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE/ USGS- USA




ERUPTION OF GALALAMA VOLCANO / Halmahera/ Indonesia on Dec- 04- 2011:



new activities South of El Hierro/ Canary islands/ 20111128 G

<<video: eruption of Rwanda Nyamulagira volcano/ democratic republic of Congo- 20111106        


<< One of the new volcano craters those emerged on one straight line with the activities offshore La Restinga/ El Hierro has rapidly grown with the ongoing eruption since Oct 12. Its expected that it will soon reach the water surface.The Spanish newspaper "La provincia" titled event with the words " The monster steps out of the water" On Tuesday - Nve 08 - inhabitants sighted magmatic stones shooting our from the sea. Up to 20 meter high fountains of water splashed out of the Atlantic during the recent days. 3 or 4 bubbling spots- each some meters wide bubbled one beside another on a straight line on the surface of the sea South of La Restinga/ El Hierro island. The volcano makes scum as it would have hiccup- reports - All smells for sulfor. South of the island the volcano has towered up its lava already to a mountain- only 70 meters and it will break through the sea surface. People and probably also the tourism business already are in search for a name for the new islandHundreds of people had to be evacuated again on the last weekend. Stinking sulfor clouds wavered over from the sea and geologist have measured a triple increase in Carbondioxid- a sure sign for a coming new and stronger eruption . Seismic Activities have meanwhile shifted to the Northwest of the island to the bay of Valle del Golfo. The eruption might continue there or even on the island itself warn geologists since September. Experts were surprised after the first analysis of the volcano products: " They delivered clear evidence for explosive material" declared geochemist Domingo Gimeno Torrent from the Universidad de Barcelona . Normally hot spot volcanoes produce material with low contents of Silicium dioxide- a kind of clue that encloses easily explosive gases within the magma . The El Hierro volcano obvioulsy is fed by two dfferent magma chambers- one from the hot spot and another one that obviously contains the material rich on Siliciumoxide. said Mr Torrent..








New project begun in 2010:


my new map of all known active volcanoes worldwide

select your volcano map:


- Statistical tables and charts on worldwide volcanoe activities-


The Earth has more than 500 active volcanoes. some are under steady observation. Others just wake op after sometimes century of " sleeping ,and come into our conscience again if there any new activity can be felt or measured on the surface. There are many individual volcanoe surveys, but expecially Europe seems not to have a coordinated survey. Out of my own research, I expect the actuical rather intense worldwide volcanic activities probably to rise more in the next years ( 2011, 2012). Therefore, I want to create here a worldwide , easy understandable overwiew with special charts and tables which show then worldwide activity , shiftings and other changes within a timetable. Visitors of this site should have a one page an overwiew, which may help them planing their activities

Basically , this site will contain a statistical time- overview table on volcanoe activites over the year , that will be updated once a week, by which also developments can be better predicted. Allthough I won`t make any forecast based on that, this kind of display might be useful to see where currently is the most activity. Users may draw their own conclusions

I do have a new forecast method on test, by which volcanoe and earthquake activites can be predicted very precisely by date but not where they would occure. (for these forecast, visit: global weather center> SOLAR). For this purpose, this new timetable on this site might be helpful. I have begun this page in Oct 10- 2010. Due to the system of archiving, this site will also become with a while a good list of volcanoes and a good source for information on vulcanoes themselves , as some informations can be added such as links to general informations or webcames in the second column left ( "web")

Please note: This list of volcanoes will not be completed at once, but due to current activites. Please, be patient, if the list will not contain immidiately all volcanoes you are looking for. But it will become more complete with a while, due to new activities those occure. Also, I want to create a large map, on which all these volcanoes can easily be located. Deutsche Benutzer werdenhier bald auch eine Textübersetzung finden



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