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a historical Science Fiction story- created and written by: Helmut Hummel (also author and owner of alien-homepage.de)

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created between 1996 and 2005
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history of METAMORPHOSIS (uncorrected draft)

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The idea to Metamorphosis has principially emerged from some interests I had throughout my life: These were mainly subjects History of Menkind, acient Myth and History, but also interests in science especially fundamental physics and astrophysics . Out of these interests I began to develop a deep interests in all Science Fiction from childhood on , when my Aunt gave me all important Science Fictions romans to read by authors such Hans Dominik, C.G. Clark and others. Since Science fiction more and more became subject of film and movie production, I surely would have watched each of them thus Icould not imagine that there was ANY Science fiction film I would have iot seen at least once in my life.

The special idea to Metamorphosis came after I had lived between 1995 and 1999 on la Gomera / Canary Islands (where I can unfortunately not live anymore due to income problems there. The generally logline to the story emerged in myself after I myself made what i would describe as the greatest or most uinteresting disocovery I made in my lifetime. I met many people on la Gomera with similar interests esp in mytgh as myself.

One day somebody gave my a book titled "The Sirius Mystery" written by Robert G Temple in 1957 It became a bestseller at that time But I had never heard of yet. In this book, R.G Temple , who studied old Sanskrit old Egyptian languages and old Greece, followed an idea or theory many had at that time ( including myself). Due to that theory, people on all the world would - though they may have lived seperately or even isolated from for hundreds and thousand years - one day, if they find a way to travel , visit and communicate with each other also would exchange all their historical knowledge. On the other side menkinds history ois known to be more fragmentary, mysterious or unclear as more wetry to look back in hostory. If then- then this exchange of fragments which exists about that history and its different aspects in all regions of the world would- if put together result as the entire story just like a Puzzle put together . This idea was even enforced by the fact that somone on the past even could t intendedly have done that.

The only but fundamental historical decription I drew from that book Sirius Mystery , was nothing else than the socalled " Jupiter/ Saturn Konjunktion with the Sun that occurs exacle each 20 years and was a fundamental part of a very precise calendar system used in old Egypt. At that time I had read several books on the prehistory of Mesoamerika such as" The Book of Hopi" or an original version of the Mayan Popul Vuh ( which is no more available in bookshops toda yin that original form_ but a Christian censored one instead and also my book was lost during the mainy movements in my life.). HOwever, when I read about the number 20 and its meaning as the J/S Conjunction, i thought about the socalle mayan calendar of the long count ( out of 4 number 18, 360, 7200, 144.000) and that 20 was the factor between these number ( Ventigesimalsystem)

Every author had interpretated this calendar most stupidly in days and their followers mainly Aguilles - the author of the mayan Factor ( i have just read some pages in that book) have made that theory out of it that 144.00 days after the death a significant mayan chief sometimes in the 18. century the world would surrender resp. go into a new age what was mostly accomponied by huge natural , geological changes and catastrophies. DUe to Aguilles that day wouold be December- 21- 2012.

I am not a follower of that idea as Agueilles present it - as real evidence provided for that is just very thin , resp does not exist at all. So I tried to find out ( and broke my gead weeks and month about that): If that factor 20 in the mayan calender symbolises the J/ S Conjunction. what doe the OTHER NUMBERS MEAN . However- if so- the other numbers also must REPRESENT COSMICAL PERIODS OF STARS PLANETS OR WHATEVER. by what is called exclusion method I soon had that explanation, that at least 3 of the four numbers INDEED REFER to those fundamental cosmical movements/ periods. Just the most upper number 144.000 does not refer to any of planetary or stars movement known to us and astrophysics or astronomers. So the calendar my keep one of its secrets. But for those who know associate that number with w th nuber 144.00 mention in The bible`s revelation, here the wind how it must be explained, resp at which cosmical periods or conjunction inervals it monly can refer to: 12x 12.000 ( bible) sums as 144.000. 12.00 divided with 18 (so lowest number in the Mayan calendar) results as 666,666 (unlimited number)


You find all about that research on my pages " Maya 1-3" whereby the German version is a reviewed one and just the (click her for the...) English version is still ( and will be further be saved as such) in the original version of 1999 which became the basic background for my story " METAMORPHOSIS".

(One must read these articles fully to understand the entire explanations), When I had finished my analysis of this calendar withn its nuber first time interpretated in YEARs ( and not days) just In thought a veil fell down from my eyes. compared with all additional data as given by astronomers this mayan calendar does not only define conjuntions among planets and stars but- just simply said. RESULTS as a MODEL. due to THAT the Earth with its Sun and with them thousands of Stars MUST circle around a BLACK HOLE- situated somewhere beyond SIRIUS!

Now we would come to a point, where some folks who have not much background knowledge to that would just shout out " what a grazy bulllshit" or whatever, But I found the Idea fascinating as more as certain scientifially won date about movements in and around our solar system just would theoreticall perfect intergrate in such a theory. So back in Munich in the year 2000 I contacted a real Astrophysician with the name Prof Dr hc Thomas , who worked at that time at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching- , and whom didn`t know before-to ask him about his opinion on this hypothesis. he surely could follow me very quickly, as i was talking about for Astrophysicians important cosmical parameters( i found with several combination beteen these 4 Mayan numbers) such as the "Earth precession or the role and influence of the nearby massive star system of Sirius on the Earth . After we had talked for an hour or so, Prof Thomas said, may hypothesis is for sure consistant and there wouold be nothing what generally would speak against it. The fact is that these questions cannot be answered as science has today just noe the means yet to prove or to dissaprove that. So I told him I had the same conclusion and would therefor write a science fictions story based on and introducing that theory . It wouold the first and only book I have written ever, but I was keen to make it .Allthough I knew, many questions were still open and aould require an answer, I decided to try an approach to that unknown human history combining the comsical knowledge and the use as an historical record and calendar as it is known by several ancient cultures especially also the egyptian one and to try myself in a Science Fiction story that deals with human history anc anchiestry. I knew the reuslt might contain mistakes and wouold have been to revised again and again . But s story must now be the fukll and ea┬┤xacr truth if som, just don`t knows it better its a story. So when writing this story I alsoo began to add element which ajust oprigin from my phantasie ( but are at least based some logial consequences and details, ides or whatever my general hypothesis would have if it WOULD INDEED BE TRUE ) to get an interesting science fictions story including invented persons, technical details or sets (sceneries)

As books today would no more by that kind people would like to be informed or entertained with such a story I decided to write a screenplay- better said as socalled " draft" ( describing mainkly the story and its seequences). I also decided to writee it in more or less bad English at that time to have also at any tiime also to have the possibility to present it internationally understandable.

The final decision to publish it on my webiste ( where i might niot be able to sell it anymore as everybody can read it for free) came after a Ridley Scott film, where i again find some special elements of my story realised. This has nothing to do with questions, whether not indeed sb has copied them form me , allthough (read aboutb below)that writers of prometheus or other stories ( all written after metamorphosis) in fact had by the WGA the chance to read my script to metamorphis . If just such a special detail was in one film yet noone will take it ( such as me again forn another one). I will later describe correctly these secens in saw in prometheus by Ridley Scott. The main reason for the decision to pubblish this old and copyrighted verions of the story on m my website here is that I decided after a long rest from the story ( i wrote about 5 years on it( slowly I feel the energy to improve it. I was not really satisfied esp with the overall logline ( just think about: it should- jsut as Ridoley Scotts Prometheus tell s possible story of human civilisation, what is a real complcated and difficult thing to do and hoped to find more of the missing links in the years after I had completed that first draft)

THe result of this considerations was that metamorphosis must be embedded in a story that describes more than then present period and would be rather in the New version be the end of it. YOU will also not find all the original story Metamorphosis here . Some parts might be deleted in the old version or shifted to the new one and its sequels That new version will have many modifications and improvements but not be published It will be be copyrighted if completed and offered to producers while this old one can be published as freeware.

Last not least: Please dont mind about bad English expression some typing mistakes left or whatever else you may critisize in this old version It was designed as a draft especially for film makers and is therofore also not in a form of a roman but just a screenplay draft!

will be continiued