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time zone UTC 12 (= IDLE)

in some maps time zone 12 is divided in two halfs: UTC+ 12 and UTC- 12 (see below)

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local names/pecularities: location people in time zone UTC+12

Coordinated Universal Time-12 hours

Greenwich Mean Time - 12 hour

New Zealand Standard Time

12. Meridian: = 180 ° West

("Greenwhich Meridian")

Bakerinsel und die Howlandinsel.

Uninhabited Baker Island and Howland Island


International Date Line West

UTC- 12 ( deutsch)

UTC- 12 ( engl.)

DGT: "Yankee"

DATE LINE - time difference from UTC- 12 to UTC + 12 = 24 hours ( 1 day)

Coordinated Universal Time+12 hours

Greenwich Mean Time +12 hour


12. Meridian: = 180 ° East

("Greenwhich Meridian")

TIME ZONE: UTC+ 12 hours





International Date Line EAST
DGT: "Mike"  
additional time zones:      
TIME ZONE: UTC-+12.45     Chatham Islands

UTC+ 12.45 ( deu)

UTC+ 12.45 ( engl.)

TIME ZONE: UTC-+13 -Phoenix Island Time (PHOT) --Tonga Time (TOT)-

UTC+ 13 ( deu)

UTC+ 13 ( engl.)

TIME ZONE: UTC-+13.45  

UTC+ 13.45 ( deu)

UTC+ 13.45 ( engl.)

New Zealand Daylight Time,
TIME ZONE: UTC +14 >mostly related to traditional local "sun based" time, which differs from the political divided time zones

UTC+ 14 ( deu)

UTC+ 14 ( engl.)

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time zones: wikipedia ( English)...Zeitzonen: wikipedia ( deutsch)

UTC+ 13 ( engl.)

UTC+ 13.45 ( engl.)

UTC+ 14 ( engl.)

world clock

time zones.

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time zone calculation table

A TIME ZONE is a region of the earth that has uniform standard time, usually referred to as the local time. By convention, time zones compute their local time as an offset from UTC (see also Greenwich Mean Time). Local time is UTC plus the current time zone offset for the considered location.  
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is a time standard based on International Atomic Time (TAI) with leap seconds added at irregular intervals to compensate for the Earth's slowing rotation.  

The Earth rotates- seen from its surface- into the Eastern direction.. Such a rotation period is called " day" and divided into 24 hours.. Following these meridians, the sun rises on different times. Clocks and calendars were since ancient times directly associated to the local sun rises and the sun years.. Why are there different times of the sun rises in diffferent regions of the earth?

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due to different sun rises, and with continuing " internationalisation", people travel, trade an communicate between these different local times zones.

Instead of simply adjusting all the clocks on the earth to one universal time ( so mid-day would be in Greenwhich at 12PM but in the next times zone at 1 PM, and we would have not to calculate . But: Every country still insists touse watches with the "12" on the top what means "Midday" resp "Midnight"- due to local sunrises. What would be the problem, if watches in Germany have either a " 1 on to ( while the watch hand still show in vertical direction at midnight ... or opposite?

This is however the reason, why we still have to calculate , the time difference is from our local time to the local time in that earth region, where we (for example)want to travel to. Many use so called calculators but it always needs to insert number for each calculation Therefore I have made that time table, particularly out of easy recognizable colors ( night is dark day is brighter), where all local times can be found very easy ( as I hope)

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