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Explanations of symbols and items on Alien-Homepage weather:

In this article many items appear, which have to be explained.

Here some of them, those play a big role in my weather forecasts:



Symbols: conjunction

Auf meinen Wetterseiten finden sie folgende genauere und zur Wetterbestimmung relevante Symbole:


As the earth is the focus of our view and we want to know the weather there, we have to put the earth in the centre of our astronomic models ..

A conjunction is, when three planets ( or countable cosmic bodies, such as also the sun or the moon) stand in one line, reps the earth is the third planet in that line.

The problem is, that all planets do not orbit the sun ( their common center) straight arpund its equator but have an Declination

another example: Jupiter, Mercury and the sun stand in one line, than it is even a triple conjunction. In my weather research all comparitions have shown, that conjunctions rather weaken the element influence just one planet would effect onto the earth




Auf meinen Wetterseiten finden sie folgende genauere und zur Wetterbestimmung relevante Symbole:


During an opposition, the earth ( resp. the planet we have in our observation) stands one one line but between two other masive bodies, resp plantes, moons sun and also stars. In fact, the mathematical opposition can be defined by calculation , and therefore as a moment, that lasts only seconds, depending how exactly we want to know that moment. But in reality in related to weather or the growth of plants. the effects of such an opposition do take place a longer period of time, than only that little moment of an mathematical opposition that can not d be defined.

In my weather constellation research,The effect of oppositions to the weather are that the energies, the two planets "transport to the earth surface", sum up and thereby enhance each other, due to the element of the star region in which they take plac:, rain, warmeness, wind and earth effects become more intensive

Example: . Hurricane Katrina envolved on 05/ Aug.26/27 ff. during a,mathematical opposition of Mercury( Cancer) and Neptune (Capricornus) and was supported by another opposition of Sun( Leo) and Uranus( Aquarius) . Maybe the strong winds envolved ás the upper air levels suddenly cooled down during the opposition of Mercury and Neptune on Aug., 26th. However: During an opposition, the effect of the element region, the two planets stand in, enhance each other-opposite to the effect of a conjunction.


3. Trines


Auf meinen Wetterseiten finden sie folgende genauere und zur Wetterbestimmung relevante Symbole:


A Trine is a geometric form, that can be described rather as an Star with three corners than as a triangle. The word is well knows as being part in words such as "trigonometric measurement "

Astrology defines a Trine as three planets standing in an angle of each 120° to one planet ( more or less ) in their middle, which is normally the earth

I don`t really know how astrologists seen the effects of trines . In the recent years, not many Trines occured and I took not much notice about...but Trines were rather often in 2005 and when they brought each time rapidly changing and extreme weather. So I took more notice about them now.

There was one "water trigon" (The three planets each stand in a water region cancer, Scorpione, Pisces)in Juli, 2005 15th, that brought an extreme hot day instead of lots of rain in a period, when it was raining every day. Another Trigon- a fire Trigon on Sept., 13th lots of rain instead of a warm hot weather.

Something seem to indicate that trines lead to extreme weather . When I examined the constellatiion duringg the christmas Tsunami in 2004 , I saw there was not an exactly mathematical position of each 120 degrees, but an longer lasting and very massive tri angle position out of the most massive planets including the sun with even some opoisitions . Since then I observe these Trines, those are in their massivity quote as different , depending on the planets those are part of such a trine, I could find more and mor indications that most heavy earthquakes and weather occure during those trines There are trines with each planet in the same element region ( such as lightelemnt regions as gemini, Libra an Aquarius) and those m where on planet might be in an different element.

But for weather effects, these mathematical exact " moments" seem to be the trigger of such extreme weathers, but these occure during a times prior and after such a mathematical trigon.

On the recent earth Trigon on Oct, 7th,/ 8th a heavy earthquake in Pakistan occured. But that because two other planets in Virgo, the sun and Mercury supported the gravitative effect, that causes contraction and earthquakes to happen .

4. Nodes-

Symbols: nodeup.........nodedown

As the planets do not move exactly around the sun`s equator , they will cut the sun equator at two points on their orbital course. That is called a node. If the earth cuts the sun equator in spring and Autumn, we call that " Equanox" as on these days night and day are equally long

But also all other planets have those node points on their orbit around the sun as well as the moons when they orbit around their mother planet

These two points, moments in space time , when the earth crosses twice a year the sun equatorial level, are at present time time" : Spring equanox between the regions of Pisces /Aries ( "ascending node")and "autumn equanox" between the regions of Leo/ Virgo ("descending node")

Though Astrology calendars still calculate these two cutting points ( in the siderical view) as being on exactly 1 degree Aries ( resp in autumn 1 degree Libra). These two points have the last estimated 1700 years, , since they occured in Aries and Libra shifted around 26 ancle degrees "retrograde" and occure now, when the sun stands- seen from the earth on 5 degree pisces and Leo

In the model of our planetary system, what is very interesting, all planets and even their moons have their knots around their central cosmic bodies in the same regions of Aries/ Piesces and between Leo/ Virgo.

Its very likely that even all planets and even their moons cross their main planet`s equatorial,level all in the same region Pisces resp Leo. To the weather, Nodes have a significant effect, I explain myself just like something would " touch an electric cable ( the equatorial level of another planet or sun is also the level where n the rotation an magnetic energies cocentrate most


5. Sun and moon Solstices

As the direction have to be determined, one called otherwise the region of Gemini, where all planets and all moons reach their " greatest distance to the equatorial level of the sun/ them moonns of their planets) the highest point of their orbit ( seen from the souther hemisphere it whould be the lowest points of their orbit) . So, the one knot betwwen Aries and piésces is called the ascending ond and the other knot between Leo and Virgo, while the planets and moons move towards the deepest point of the orbit ( and the second end of the ellipse they desribe doing that instead of an circle) is called the "descending knot"

At third is has to be said, that these point are about the closest ( nearest points these planets achive during their orbit to their central star/ planet , the points of nearest approach.

Physically and relating to the ´weather, these knots are points , were the multiple forces of the planets, mostly their gravitation and their electromagentical fields. and these are only the measurable ones- impoact most efectively to each other.We have to add light energies and rays with their different qualities and also those ones these planets attrack- due to Einsteins "special theory of relativity "in direction to their surface/center , and kind of bundle from where they finally can effect on the earth, (when for instance the earth just stands in the opposite of that direction, from where these bundled lightrays come from. So in the planetary wéather firecast, those knots play and important part in that way, as during these knots all these energies effect more intensive effectively and so- their effects and physical influences to the climate and the methereologic parameters arrel strongest...

5. Eclipse


Auf meinen Wetterseiten finden sie folgende genauere und zur Wetterbestimmung relevante Symbole:


Solar eclipse and Lunar eclipse

Any sun- or moon eclipse only can occure, if two factors come together: Full/ New moon and the (ascending or descending) moon or earth node . As closer these two regular events come in space time as more complete is the resulting moon or sun eclipse.

planetary eclipses

Of course eclipses happen also with other planets like Mercury and venus. but these planets are too far away to make any visible shadow onto the sun . Otherwise makes also the earth from time to time such an shadow on one of the outside planets. those would be visible on these planets but not on the earth

A total sun or moon eclipse ( its always more or less a total one) further can also occure when all that happens even around or exactly, when as the forth factor, also the earth stands on one of its knots to the suns equatorial level...

These therefor enhance any ewather situations maybe rain, storm. and during eclypses also earthquakes . So far as I can say jet, earthquakes seem to depend mainly on how many other massive ore close planets stand in the earth regions of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. In 2005, we have Jupiter in Virgo and since about 8 years and eight years more ( at all around 16 years ) Neptune in Capricorn....

Theoretical thinkable but mathematical only once in billions years, all planets could anytime assemble on that "Knot Point"- actually between Piesces and Aries and Leo/ Virgo , Then all planets would darken each other and on the outside planets the temperatures would maybe fall as one effect extremely down to the coldest possible point, more than 170 degrees Celsius minus

Weathers in 2005:

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