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Here: First made research on the possible effects of so called Trigons: ( edited: 2005)



On that day, a fire Trigon out of the planets Moon ( Sagitarius), Mars ( Aries) and the Sun( Leo) was going to get to the mathematical constellation of 120 degrees distance and was completed the next day after that earthquake happened, on Sept., 13th. On that 13th of Sept, out of the fire Trigon but due to my experiences with Trigons, it began heavily to rain. Trigons seem to cause the opposite weather to the element in which they happen...

October 2005,

2nd and third:

Volcaníc eruption in Mexico:

On oct, 2nd, Venus (scorpius)had an opposition with Mars in Taurus,what ewnhanced the earth crafts caused by the sun Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo and Neptun in Capricorn. INoit a mathematical, but a real earth Trigon and when Venus moved into its opposition to Mars, the volcanic eruption was due.The moon was going to go into an eclipse with the sun, that occured the next day( suneclypse, Sept., 3rd,) and Mercury was poing to an sun eclypse for the Sept 4th. So, some planets stood on one line and connected the equator of the sun with the equator of the earth,. a very energetic connection.

On the other side,Jupiter and the sun in Virgo rise-as I said in my earlier forecast the risc of seimsic activities esp. from Sept., 15- Nov, 1st 2005 .

I think, three or more factors came togetheron this day, when the peak of a volcano in Mexico bursted during an heavy eruption.

Earthquake, Pakistan, India- October., 8th, 2005)

The heavy earthquake on

October , 8th, 2005 that shattered India, Kaschmir and Pakistan and had a magnitude of 7.6 on the "Richter scale",occured during a massive

Earth Trigon. that was formed by the planets Mars in Taurus, Neptune in Capricorn and Jupiter (- together with the sun!!) in Virgo. So, two massive bodies-Neptun even in Opposition with Saturn ( Cancer).

So, these three massivest planets and one very close one ( Mars stands very close to the earth could have caused or enhanced that heavy earthquake. The mathematical TRIGON was on Saturday


October, 16.-18th-

"Water Trigon"

> 2 earthquakes (Japan: seaquake, Oct, 16th; earthquake, Tokyo, Oct, 18th

Greece: earthquake, Agean Sea, Oct, 17th)

Caribbean: Hurricane "Wilma" Strength: 5

> one hurricane, jet said to be the "strongest ever recorded measured in history" with the strength of - at the moment(Oct. 29th) 5

related constellations:

On that date, as I remarked in my weather forecasts before and the events that set in from Oct 16th until now( today: Oct, 20th)confirmed my suggestion :

On Oct, 17th was the middle of a water Trigon (a constellation of three planets with an ancle of each 120 degrees)out of the earth in piesces, Saturn- a very effectful planet) in Cancer and Pluto in Scorpione . The day before, there was a moon knot, that led to an moon eclipse on the following day ( Oct, 17th). The Trigon itself formed its perfect triangle on th 17th, ´but the effects set in during each Trigon the days before and last until some days after the mathematical Trigon-constellation. As I suppose, its effects should be related significantly to the mass, the distance and therefor also the velocity of the participating planets .

On Sunday, 16, also, the greatest strongest hurricane( "Wilma")ever measured in history evolved in the Caribbean regions. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Tokyo was again shattered by an earthquake, and also in Pakistan some after quakes occured.

On these days many factors came together: Moon- Knot, Trigon, Moon eclipse(!!) and the constellations in Virgo)

.The next Trigon will be on Nov, 17th, but that one will not be connected with eclipses and knots . So, as I suppose, the effects of that fire trigon will only effect with stonger rainfalls around that date.

Fire Trigon, Nov. 17th, 2005

(Report written on Nov, 20th)

It was rather calm during the past weeks, but in that week and around the date of the fire Trigon of Nov, 17, many extremer weather situations took place, another sign, that these situations must or at least can have anything to do with that kind of constellation, called Trigon:

Unfortunately, I have not noted the exact time of the earthquake in Tokyo, but it was shortly before the Trigon moved into its mathematical middle with an ancle of 120 degrees from one to another.Unfortunately, I could not find a real note in my book, out of which three planets that Trigon was formed - the only planets in fire regions" were Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries, the third is missing and the moon will be in Leo on Nov, 22nd. But however-on Thursday, Nov 17th, a fire Trigon was standing there to occure .

After The earthquake happened in Tokyo around Wednesday, another bigger Hurricane arose in the Carribbean on Friday, 18th, just moving in direction to Florida. But today,Nov., 19th, two days after the middle of the Trigon, another bigger earth/ seaquake with a magnitude of 6,5 occured another time before the coasts of Sumatra a currentlky very active Part of the Circumpacific seismic zones. ( As I remarked several times, the effects take place for a while during such an special conjunction and do not last at the moment of ite mathematical middle ,though tghey might get strongest then. The effect of Trigons last at least for 3 to five days before and after that mathematical middle, mainly depending from the velocity and therefor also distance and mass of the planets participating)

The next Trigons will be:

Sa, Dec. 3rd, 2005

( Water Trigon) and

We, 21st Dec 05.,

( Water Trigon) . The known ore more or less predictable effects of these coming Trigons to the ´weather in general will be that it will be unusual warm around these days, as Trigons have statistically an opposite effects to the weather as predicted by the element of the regions , where the participating planets stand

_ report will be made shortly around these dates- possiblearound these days: c´volcanic eeruption, hurricane,earthquake(?)