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image above by: NASA: STEREO ( two satellites - one called "AHEAD" the other: " BEHIND") observe the Sun`s surface from both opposite directions (at an ankle of 90 degrees to the line ferom Sun to Earth). The live feed is no more available. NASA claims to have problems with transmission of both stallites data streams and problems when processing the images. You tube user claim, NASA would censor the publications , since they hade discovered strange objects on the edges of the images ( click here for a youtube video that shows those strange objects )

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JULY 2011


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Symbols, shortcuts and background colors:used in my activity reports:
* alert level 1: (row is backcolored green): low power Earth- quake above 6.0 with no or only little surface damages
**alert level 2: (row is backcolored yellow): medium power Earth- quake above 6.0- 7.x - with expectable local surface damage
**alert level 3: (row is backcolore red): high power Earth- quake above 7.0- with the possibility of regional wide ranged damages

JULY 2011

note: Daily reports such as the average daily value of the socalled "Planetary A index can be calculated only at the end of a single day. Though the fay, when I update this report the present date( as posted on top of this page) , the reports taken from solen.info ( you find in the column left) always have the date of the previous day, as also all data in the row are summaries of the previous day`s values. The effects of all known significant phenomena such a s those by CMEs or Coronal holes however will need at least 2 days to become effective on Earth

internal Earthquake statistics- JULY 2011 with sun activity curves : green = SUNSPOT NUMBER, Pink= SOLAR FLUX, blue= PLANETARY A INDEX

current Boulder planetary K prediction data by: NOAA- Space Weather Report

Proton Flux from GOES-13, Electron Flux and GOES Hp from GOES-13 & GOES-15

last update report by: solen.info

(Yesterday`s report**)

number of SUNSPOTS


Planetary "A" INDEX:

estimated maximum Earthquake strength for the coming two days:

Earthquake or volcano activities to be expected from/ to:

estimated anticipated- cathegory *

results: / Earthquakes with magnitudes above 6.0 and other significant events

own notices, effects / various features data of current Sun features by: solen.info:

geonagnetic situation: .

reports on EARTH DIRECTED CMEs and coronal holes - / as occuring on Sun (report by: solen.info)

CME ( day when impacting on Earth)

effects of coronal holes  

daily strongest sun activity on SoHO/ LASCO

>SoHO archive

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notices on events observed on LASCO image( column left) and/or:

related event description

go to my page 2 for CME tracking

JULY- 31-2011


128^ 118 08 5.0- 7.0

AUG- 01-02-03


the geomagnetic tubulence measured from Ju-27- 31 stopped on August.- 01 after 9:00 UTC.The geomagnetic field values turned to normal afterwards .

M 6.8 - NEAR N COAST OF NEW GUINEA, PNG. - 2011-07-31 23:38 UTC

M 6.2 - VANUATU REGION - 2011-07-31 14:34 UTC

region 11263 is believed could produce a major flare, maybe even an X class flare

>>the faint CME is only partially visible if it moves towards SoHO because of the protection shield that covers the Sun Disc


(internal) AUG 2-3

expected effects:


img 2 the faint CMEexpands in South direction

the active regions , 11261 and 11263 produced sveral C flares. One most likely holo or partically Earth directed CME was observed after 6:00 UTC resulting from the C3.8 flare in 11263 at 02:54 UTC. This CME was NOT REGISTERED by NOAA. The SoHO server has a data gap form 12.00- 21:00 UTC, when no images were available.

JULY- 30-2011


101^ 112 16 5.0- 6.5

JULY-31-AUG- 01-02


M 6.4 - NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2011-07-30 18:53 UTC

stronger eruptions at ETNA volcano Itfaly ( Ju- 31- 2011)

;major disturbances with a rise of geomagnetical flux to 140 nT ( typical for CME impacts) was measured by GOES (see graphic in the row below) lasted from 8:00 UTC until appr. 20:00 UTC,

After that- on July 31, the disturbance continued within the normal geomoagnetic flux values,.

A well defined recurrent coronal hole (CH468) in the northern hemisphere was in an Earth facing position on July 26-27.

the fluctuations on the geomagn field ( without higher flux ampülitudes are most likely caused by CH effects


<< image SDO/AIA

The rather dense regions 11260 and 11261 are currently rotating in Earth facing positions. Both regions developed quickly and produced 25 C flares and 1 M flare during the last 3 days. They very likely could produce an Earth directed CME

JULY- 29-2011 87^ 111 05 5.0- 6.5

JULY-30-31-AUG- 01


M 6.6 - SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS - 2011-07-29 07:42 UTC


(internal) GOES measured a solar wind shock with a maximum of 120 nT at 13:00 UTC, possibly a flanc impact of the CME on July 28

7 (in the jet stream of CH 468?). The anomality started at 6:00 UTC exceeded 100 nT from 10:00 until 18:00 UTC and caused no significant turbulences


<<< That first solar shock with a low increase to 120 nT occured at 3:00 UTC -

<<a larger 2 disturbanc began on July 30 after 9:00 UTC ( main impact until 22:00 UTC) associated with an increase in the geomagnetic flux uop to 150 NT ( NanoTesla). most likely the flanc impact of the CME on July 27 >

img left: on July- 29-after midnight, the CME solar wind cloud has already expanded further into space

JULY- 28-2011

84^ 107 03 5.0- 6.5

JULY 29-30-31


< image left: A CME ejected from a flare on July- 28 at around 21:00 UTC/ . Either from region 11262 or from behind the visible Sun disc.

This CME is NOT Earth directed. GOES data on July 31/31 will indicate , if it should have any effects on Earth

for previous reports( archives in 2011- go to page Sunspot archive 2011

update- July- 31- 2011>

note>: Sorry, the rest of this graph dating back to July 01 was after the page out of an unknown reason suddenly crashed on July 31 no more to find.

When I wanted to make my update this morning , my html editor loaded down the file from the server and copied the corrupted page my mistake over the ( uncorrupted one?) copy on my PC. Yesterday also a minor geomagnetic storm cauisng intensive fluctuations on the GM field which still persit today- July- 31,started at around 8:00 and must mainly hacve affected Europe. So what really happens if many people ar just (indeed by wires!) connected to one single server during a geomagnetic storm, is another question of interest.. When I reviwed SoHo data tzhis morning I also noticed some files were missing there. What everyone can do, to protect especially Computer hardware such as Hard discs form data loss by EMP effects is to equip all related machines with so called overvoltage outcut fuses- also know as " surge protection". But take a newer one which also protects against lightenings!

I will now make oftener securitity copies, but while I was very busy I didn`t . I therefore only restore some days out of data I had evaluated on page 2 , those are the days with remarkable CME activities.. These days are backcolored as yellow in the graph below

July 27-2011 84^ 107 03        

This CME on the NE quadrant became visible after 6:00 UTC. IT was NOT Earth directed

The portion of this CME could have more or less effects on July 30- 31 (estimated arrival time at moderate Sun wind speed)

at 7:48 UTC the CME cloud had expanded to a larger cloud of Sun wind.

>a larger CME was associated with a filament eruption on July- 27- appr. 6:00 UTC- in region 11260 at the edge to CH 468 in the NE quadrant


Event Nr. 13 by: SoHO/LASCO 3- the CME was triggered at JULY- 27 - 7:00 UTC

July 26-2011 30  

>>major disturbances on the geomagnetic field were measured by the GOES magnetometer beginning on July 25 after 03:00 UTC which lasted until July 26- 03:30 UTC

M 6.0 - GULF OF CALIFORNIA - 2011-07-26 17:44 UTC

M 5.0 - NORTHEASTERN IRAN - 2011-07-26 04:04 UTC (significant)

> This very weak NOT EARTH DIRECTED CME became visible after 10. 24 UTC >


<< at 11:24 the CME has formed a not very large cloud of Sun wind

>>major disturbances on the geomagnetic field were measured by the GOES magnetometer beginning on July 19 at 6:00 UTC and continuing after July 21

July 25-2011 38           M 6.3 - NEW IRELAND REGION, P.N.G. - 2011-07-25 00:50 UTC

M 6.0 - LUZON, PHILIPPINES - 2011-07-25 17:15 UTC

M 5.0 - WESTERN TURKEY - 2011-07-25 17:57 UTC (significant)

> This very weak NOT EARTH DIRECTED CME became visible after 17:00 UTC >

  << at 11:24 the CME has formed a very small cloud of Sun wind
July 24-2011 47           M 6.3 - NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2011-07-24 18:51 UTC >> until 17:00 UTC, svereal active regions and flares were visible on LASCO 2 >> >> after one image failed ( data gap) a larger CME could be observed shortly after 18:00 UTC > CME at 22.00 UTC
July 23-2011 51  

the turbulences beginning on July 19 at 6:00 UTC continued until July 23- 1:30 UTC. The GM field turned back to normal after

M 6.4 - NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2011-07-23 04:34 UTC

<> something like a larger flare begun shortly after this image was taken at 14: 48 UTC>>

at 14: 54 LASCO had a gap of 12 Minutes in its 6 minute interval imaginery or was shortly turned off

  << this image was taken at 15: 12. assicaited with some not Earth diorecetd CME mass heading towards the East <
July 22-2011 54           M 6.0 - FIJI REGION - 2011-07-22 06:56 UTC  
no CME observed
July 21-2011 56              
>>major disturbances on the geomagnetic field were measured by the GOES magnetometer beginning on July 19 at 6:00 UTC and continuing after July 21
July 20-2011 79          

M 6.0 - SOLOMON ISLANDS - 2011-07-20 22:05 UTC

volcano eruptions: CLEVELAND- 201120



a larger CME envolved from about 11:00 UTC on heading Southward partially Earth directed


at 15: 30 it has formed a large cloud of Sun plasma;: Afterwards, SoHO was turned off until 22: 34 UTC



July 19-2011 96           M 6.1 - KYRGYZSTAN - 2011-07-19 19:35 UTC

solar wind speed:402 - 711 km/s

( Ju- 19) The geomagnetic field was quiet to minor storm on July 19. Solar wind speed ranged between 402 and 711 km/s under the influence of a high speed stream from CH 466.

Coronal hole CH 466 in Earth facing position


a CME cloud must have hit the LASCO objective at 12:12 UTC


flare associated aith weak (partial?) P-CME

time/ CME: : 1:00UTC

CME influenced by jet stream from CH 466??

July 18-2011 101^ 103 05 solar wind speed:335 - 377 km/s



July 18-2011         In first CME on July 18 occured at o:36 on the NE quadrant The CME cloud at 2:12 UTC > amother CME occured around 22:00 UTC in the SW quadrant . It does not form out the typical mushroomlike form. Thus it seems to emit from behind the protection shield of the LASCO objective towards the front., it might likely partial be Earth directed   >> the CME cloud on Ju- 20-1:48 UTC at 6:36 UTC LASCO was hit by any kind of solar storm.
July 17-2011 101                  
July 16-2011 75          

M 6.2 - ALASKA PENINSULA - 2011-07-16 19:59 UTC

M 6.0 - OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHILE - 2011-07-16 00:26 UTC


no search was made until that day on daily LASCO images and CMEs.

July 15-2011 90           M 6.0 - SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION - 2011-07-15 13:26 UTC      
July 14-2011 79          

M 5.2 - SOUTHERN PERU - 2011-07-14 18:34 UTC

M 5.0 - TARAPACA, CHILE - 2011-07-14 18:57 UTC

    2011-JULY-14/ 10: 36 p.m :Indonesia's Mount Lokon Erupts, Panicking Residents
July 13-2011 90                  
July 12-2011 62                  
July 11-2011 72 90 13       M 6.4 - NEGROS, PHILIPPINES - 2011-07-11 20:47 UTC

solar wind speed_ 446 - 774 km

high speed stream from CH464


the CME- due to th sun wind rising speed today arrigve earlier than calculated

The large electrical outage in Hannover/ Germany at 21: 35 UTC /Stromausfall in Hannover

July- 14-power-outage-leaves-many-trying-to-keep-cool

July 10-2011 67                  
July 09-2011 45                 CME arrival ( due to solen.info and NOAA: JUly 12  
July 08-2011 65                  
July 07-2011 42                  
July 06-2011 36           M 7.6 - KERMADEC ISLANDS REGION - 2011-07-06 19:03 UTC      
July 05-2011 30               The GOEShp PLot on JUly- 06- 2011 shows significant fluctuations for an arrival of at least 1 CME on Earth >> The CME (on July 3) 04:00 arrived today at: UTC
July 04-2011 44                  
July 03-2011 54 85 06         Sun wind speed: 352 - 443 km/s. arrival appr. JUly- 06   intensive lightenings without thunderstorm in several regions of USA
July 02-2011 54                  
July 01-2011 41                  







possible means: any heavier earthquake is possible- but not sure! - probable means : there will be any heavier Earthquake with high probability

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