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According to NASA, this 24th. 11 year sun spot cycle has probably a " twin peak"- the second in 2015. This project therefore will be prolongued.




START- evaluations and summaries (planned for 2014)


documentary and research project - Start - since May 2011- daily updated


( to be continued...)

Pprior to the 24th solar sun spot cycle maximum- expected in March 2013- NASA started the largest solar research project in menkinds history:

but most people seem not to have taken much notice of...

...Until, 2014, at least 5 new satellites were lounched to observe, measure alls tyopes of activity features on the Sun itself,( not counted several other and elder satellites already in space)....

A global network of geophysical observation stations was sintalled and organised to observe, measure and record all thinkable conincident features and changes in the geomagnetic field at the same time:

geomagnetic storms, protond and elec tron and neutron fluxes

a global network of universities, the best physicians were engaged to analyse, evaluate and furthern resrach thensingle tasks distributed all around the world:

the examination of Sun`s corona and electromagnetic field ,

a total analysis of the sun winds, including their chemical and components, particle storms,

sunspots and their behaviour

features such as flares prominences, filament eruptions, SEPs and their by effects;

x ray emissions, proton electron and neutron emissions , radio bursts, radio bursts

their behaviour, of coronal holes and the reccurent wind streams they produce

and much more....









- as many poeple did at that time?

The answer is simply:



last updated on

2014- APR 25 at: 11: 00 UTC


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changes/ January 25- 2014:

2013, after 2 years after the second major> M 9 Earthquake had taken place within on decade and after two years of statistic evaluation and comparation of solar and terestrial data, it vecame clear , that socalled SEPS would be the solar feature I was looking , being among those solar featuires, that indeed have related and signiciant geophysical effects.

Now in early 2014, the peak off the sun spots cycle seems to be over and related activity visibly have decreased . I dont expect many stronger and significant solar events for the next half year.

Recently I decided, to close the ongoing solar and terrestrial documentary at this point in this form , as it was made until now., whith complete data and event evaluationas as its required for any scientific work . This I did to get this project to a point, that its results would be available and evaluable for further report and can be also a basic for further scientics research

Nevertheless as observations and evaluations have shown , that esp. the socalled SEPs ,this documentary has focussed on, as being the strongest and most geoeffective known type of solar event) do happen MOST frequently during the solar max, but are als present in the same strength all 11 years in between but just in lower number.

So I will continue to watch over all these solar data and event and try to provide a full report and complete coverage in time if any furthe major event should take place ..

so the solar teerrestrial blog will be continued in another simplified and limited form:

> Basic solar and geophyical parameters will not be noted nor archived on a daiy baisis but only if related to major events .( those archives can be found at solen,.info)

> I will further maintain basic but only short information on solar activity and terrestrial event if possible on a daily basis.

> The experimental forecast on this page her , based on this research will be continued and at least updated if major events are expectable . But I will nor archives them anymore .

Also I will continue to document and report significant solar and terrestrial event as before but not on a daily basis,with an long but mainly empty daily update, containg all major solar data but only if major events take place , those have significant effects on the earth and might be a threat to its civilisations , its nature and and the life on it.

Thanks to all interested ones, who one or frequently visited this page. Just be welcome at any time to get latest news of this exciting view on the world as possible today, what goes on and how it changes!

H. Hummel Munich/ Germany


January 24- 2014


This solar and terrestrial blog will be continued in an limited form only . I have not decided yet how exactly, but reports and related data will at least be continued in cases of certain major solar and terrestrial events

The reasons are:

1. The sun s activity is decreasing now due to the end of the 24th solar max and thus larger and significant events this documentary wanted to record , will happen less and more sporadically

2. I have mainly completed the research on possible coincidences , which became soon after I started this project resp after the Japan Earthquake on March 11- 2011 a subject of interest and found the intended results . Also I can proudly say , that meanwhile some leading scientific institutions confirm my results and have started the necessary more detailled research into these conincidences.

3 I also have other projects such as a classical rock music project I need all my energy for as well as for the organisation of my personal life and needs.


You find the continued limited form of this blog under this link:

solar and terrestrial blog/ significant events/ archive


On this page her I want instead to begin something like an summary of that what really happened during this 24 solar max . not as an scientific essay ( as nASA would provide it) but about its general events, interesting observations, those could be made during the last 3 years.

A third report will summarize what research and evaluations made based on these data , how far solar terrestrial events were conicident and how far they migh/ must be related to one another or not


But be patient! This summaries will take much time to be written and completed and I just will work on it If I have time for and other mor me personally more important are done



SEP / Solar energetic particles/ proton events and their geophysical effects




- The Sun`s dark energies -



especiallly socalled "SEP" (Solar energetic( accelerated particles/ protons and their geophysical effects)

by. H. Hummel/ München Germany- Verfasser von

First, the activity peak of this 24 solar cycle was expected for March 2013.

Sun spots were discovered centuries ago along with the invention of telescopes . First Galileo Galilei reported about mssterious darker spots on the Sun, those as further research unveiled , get more and less within an period of about 11 years- a period that turned out to be stabe for the last centuries .

This 24th solar cycle was, why NASA has launched the largest program for solar observation und research in menkind history . I just can tell already now ( without my readers here must read all the upcoming long essay here) , that also these giant solars research program did not answer the basic questions:

" what are sun spots and where do they come from"

"Why do they appear in a maximum amount with a period of 11 years and get less then in between " 5.5. years later"

I will at least provide some theories and hypotheses about that in this summary

It was expected that, after the 23 the cycle had turned out bt be weaker than previous ones the 24th cycle activity maximum would be as strong as the previous one was too weak . In 2012 it became obvious , this 24th cycle would be even weaker than the ones before. Allthough the expectation was quite different to what really happened, the final conclusion , most physicists draw out of tjhis observation was now. THE SUN IS GETTING WEAKER!

( just read the essays of Prof. Mike Lookwood as posted in the link case above) who wrote recently some widely discussed articles, saying " is the sun turning silent?":

By definition. And the definition for the solar sun spot cycle had been hundreds of years old, once intruduced by sun spot pioneers such as Wolf and others: its the number of counted sun spots on the solar disc, which is equivalent to a certain amount of x- ray emissions, associated to nuclear transformation processes on solar gases caused by the "activity of these sun spots" ( hydrogen fusion as Ex NASA Physicist Eic Dollard tell us )

common solar physics defines the activity during the sun spot cycle just by this two parameters . 1."Wolff number"(=counted sun spots on the w solar disc) and related x ray backgrounnd flux also called " Solar Flux"


First of all I want to express, that I just wanted to document what happpens during this 24th solar cycle max , It was maybe the NASA program and or that at the same time so many believed that old prophecies of a global "apocalypse " would take place in 2012, why I got the idea, just do document what really would happen in these years (s). Might be interesting in the end or might be nothing at all. But it might be a source of evidence and review for those who not only believe in the real facts, but those who would also not deny facts.

And there were incidences I had occasion or the chance to observe early in 2010, that made me believe there might be a correlation between a solar activity ( "Coronal mass ejection"( a term that includes what this documentary has identified as SEP)

On of these incidents was the blowout in the Gulf of Mexico on April - 20- 2010 known as the " Deepwater Horizin Incident"

The second was theM 9.0 magnitude Earthquake ans Tsunami near Japan on March 11 2011

2004 yet another and even stronger " Megaquake" had killed more than 200.000 Humans all around Indonesia . Geologists had stated afterwards, that- due to their theories such a megaquake would only happen once in 100, or even 1000 years or so. But j yet, just 7 years later it had happened another time.

Its not only myself or the BBC who asked at that time :" is the sun to blame for the M 9.0 megaquake in Japan"

Now neither solar flares nor prminences not any of the wellknown features on the Sun itself would be ever capable to produce and Earthquake of with such a power, Also so called CMEs ( Coronal Mass Ejection" were at that time regarded as absolutely " harmless":

As all electromagnets, also negatively charged electromagnetic field of the Earth reacts repulsive on other electrons resp negativ Ions , solar wind and emissions were believe mainly to consists out

And indeed , the geomagnetic field either reflects or deflects the most solar CMEs, so, long as are negative charged particles. resp negative Ions containing mor electron than prot0ns . But soon it turned out, there are also others positive charged ones and there are even entire proton storms ( as first discovered resp. officially defined as such in 2005 by NASA), the Earth cannot defense against...


2010 NASA and NOAA - parallel to the SDP O Program- launched a program they called " Space weather prediction" center. It was founded to issue alerts especially for satellites in space environment ( but also for airplane traffic or nuclear Power stations managements) to avoid damages those might derive from solar activities such as flares and CMEs - those occure mainly during the 11 cycle peak. The SWPC first seemed to ba rather clueless, as little was known about these solar activities and less even about their effects on space and earth environment. The CME arrival was oftenly going wrong for more than one day. SWPC however ttried to base any prediction on wellknown evidence such as " Carrington event 1859" , when probably the strongest CME in the last 500 years proveed at least that certain solar eruptions and CMEs would be capable to induce high voltages even into terrestrial power grids

No warning was issued prior to Fukushima incident and still a scientists would deny bravely " what their masterminds and schollbooks tell them there is no evidence for any relation between solar activities, volcanism and earthquakes"

But the Space weather prediction improved since 2010, along with new insight that was one with the new satellite program.


There is something describable as a cosmical inflation theory: : as more answers you find as more questions you will have .

But still, there is not any publication yet by NASA or from that large associated network of universities and other institutes all around the world yet about the real results of this largest solar observation program in known menkinds history and even the statements were just very poor.

This does not wonder, as the program has certainly brought new insight, how our sun really works .One intention for the program was surely the hope, to find something helpfulfor the development of new key technologies, mainly to achieve a self sustaining hydrogen core fusion ( what happens then mostly along side with new weapons)

After all, the program has created more questions and the understanding that our understanding and theories about the sun must generally be REVISED from its beginning.


Whatever a sun spot may now consists off, NASA has not found any answer yet, at least none they would publish. Yet it was believed by the most, sun spot would consists out of extreme dense matter ( similar to the one described to exist in black holes or dark matter ) . Where is a secret there is a whistleblower. Its was a 73 old professor for electrophisics who broke the silence by saying, some NASA experts believe the Sun must be is dark inside. Eric P. Dollard first used the term. " the sun must be"hollow" inside , This appeared so, when scientists believed they would look with SDO`s high resolution imagery through large dark sun spots (those emit not any light, nor that they would let any light form the sun below pass through) into this dark center. Thus sunspots would not be matter at all, but holes in the corona - something like whirls those form above that dark heavy core and those reach sometimes out in to the Corona, where they get visible

That the Sun is hollow can`t be , as the Suns gas hull would collapse then . So the Sun`s inner core must- if its dark and energyless- then consist out of extreme dense and heavy matte/ antimatter. so dense that it can even not absorb energy anymore)

so we have now two contraversial theories about sun spots One say its high dense dark matter the other say sun spots are sth. like empty whirls that form out above the solar core

I mayelf would believe in the first theory or better a combination of both.

However. If the 1 theory is true:

Just a tiny piece of it in a laboratory would be the perfect to trigger a hydrogen core fusion ( which- so Eric P Dollard" just happens inside solar flares but not within the SUN!! )No better fusion motor than this , You just lead hydrogen inside and it bursts out again with and todays unbelievable energy, so strong that it might bring you to all corners of the universe ( it it would have corners)



Recently I decided to base this essay upon keywords such as flares, CME, or earthquakes volcanism and whatever and to tell under the single items what was new discovered and observed since 2010. so i can also later add something i forgot now or what is new to the single items

update/ April 11- 2014


Before I want to explain the physical effects expecially SEPs have on the Earth body, Iwant to make and excursion in what is today called geology and volcanology- two connected sciences under the control of universities,and their elder scholars, those wont easily agree to new theories, evidences and methods, necessary to master the tasks in a modern world. best example is the Depeweater horizon incident in April 2011, which- as even the US congress finally concluded - would not have happened if the prior geological examination would have been carried out with- lets say- more accuracy.

In Italia several geologists were even arrested as a type of "(German:) scharlatan", after they failed to predict or at least issue any warning prior to the disastrous earthquake that occured in Aquila ( Northern Italy ) in 2009.

First of all some basisc to understand the mechanisms of tectonic plates, the ambivalence of Volcanism and earthquakes activities , and what causes these temporary energetic outbursts leading to these events.





The universe looks to us at the first view to be a stable construction and just the nearby planets such as the moon show some visible changes in terms of MOVEMENT. So it was believed for centuries, until modern science found out that everything out there from the smallest particleto a little metheorit until the great galaxies INDEED is in a constant movement. Once iniated by only one energetic effort during the Big bang, all particles have receive an acceleration as the primary form of energy in this universe, that still today sustains all processes we know . Each form of energy in our galaxy to our sun, down to all secondary forms of energy such as chemical energy of fuel that drives our cars: All that energy was only IMPLEMENTED ONCE during this big bang!

This ledalso to the conclusion. If fhere is not even any stable point nor and direction or even particle which doesn`t move we are not able to construct a coordinate system for the universe to exactly measure what is exactly where . That yet make it for us impossible for us to determine the movements of even nearby celestial bodies so exactly that we could seriously plan a wider space journey on it- if we would have the right engines for. All calculcation are therefore only approaches but no exact values.


Same with the Sun. The naked eye cannot seen much difference. The solar dynamics is still under research and the recent NASA Program ( SDO= Solar Dynamics Observatory) has shown, that the solar activity now only fluctuates within the socalled 11 year sun spot cycle but also in yet unknown other periodes. I myself have at least counted three short time fluctuations: The first lasts from 14 days till 30 days, the second fluctuates about with a half year time, The third is the 11 year cycle, the forth...

But there are more and long term fluctuation periods, those however may have been known to our anchestors in prehistoric times which was anything else than "stoneage") as those periods are found in related solar calendars ( egyptian or mayan). These mysterious cultures observed the sun very closely likely knowing how much these periods influence life and geophysics on Earth.

One newly found solar fluctuation period could be realized ( just by recording solar activity in exact measurments) in the 20 th century any might last 60 or 120 years. ( a 60 year period is even one of the basic " factors" in these mentioned old calendars) To detect longer solar fluctuation periods requires longer research, since everybody expects an accurate scientific work and research , that cannot be guaranteed in a different way.

We lose much time and it even pushed us back for centuries and milleniums, that we cannot take any use of historical observations anymore , as most of old science was destroyed in blind religious fanatism during the last thousands years. Nevertheless nothing really can be really erased or dissapear from history and the little traces left give us a still a good picture of what these cultures knew .

. Some may call these accurance ( science today has not reached yet) just " occassionally" Any closer view onto this cultures , their mysterious remnants and most of all their obvious logical and scientific knowledge even about universal parameters, THOSE WE CANOT EXACTLY EVALUATE OR MEASÙRE UNTIL TODAY- UNLESS WE ARE ABLE TO TRAVEL INTO OUTER SPACE- ( and in this point i fully agree to all these people like Eric von Däniken) shows that these cultures could as oursleves today not EVALUATE these exact numbers by themselves must have got that knowledge from any outer and space travelling species.

The best known "factor" ( period) we can find in these eldest calendars is the number 25920 years, that stands for the period of the socalled Earth precession . modern science copuld in tha last years first time " approach to ( last known value) about 30.00o years .

Science has just not understood yeat , that this time factor ( 25920 years) plays a key role not only in that periodial" tumbling of our Earth body). 25.920 years is also the exact time period after which a Jupiter Saturn Conjunction will happen in exaclty the same direction in " absolute space" and its the period in which the eclyptic stars once seem ( retrograd) rotare around the measure point of the spring or autumn equanox . you find mor about that in my aricles about the meosamerican calendar"

2012 therefore. ( if the begin of that"Mayan" calendar was defined correctly) just marked in this system the end ( or the halftime= 12960 years ) of one period of 25920 years , when Sirius the Sun and the Centre of the galactical center ( Sagitarius A) stand in one line what defines a new round in the "long period counting. If this prophecies" tell that this alignment is accomponied by stronger geophyiscal effects such as cataclysm , it does not mean that the hole human world would be destroyed by that. NO doubt! Described global catastrophies undoubtlessly (so much evidence has been found for that yet just in the last years) indeeed happened in past times-. But the evidence found also shows that these catastrophies had not necessarily a global scale but were rather limited mainly to certain latitudes North and South of the equator those were also most densely populated at that time.


The latest model of the Earth says the earth has not a fluid core but rather a solid and rather assymetric needle shaped core out of highly dense cristalline iron and nickel, that would not become fluid at these temperatures created by the Earth mass gravity pressure .

Around that neddle shaped cristall of the Earth core indeed then laywers of less dense material form the fluid inner and the semi fluid outer Earth Mantle and the solid crust with its 30- 70 km thick tectonic plates and continents as the uppest layer the biosphere.

That the earth crest is not one solid body, butb has a very dynamic structure with lots of cracks, trenches , through those magma rises up form the mantle below form time to time and subduction on the other side,, where entire continental plates slowly are driven into the earth mantle and melted there.

These temporary events and processes already shos that also the processes - mainly the temperature- within with earthmantle are not steady and stable( as it would be only the case if the earth would be alonethere and without an physical influences by other celestial bodies such as mainly the Sun) but dynamic . Its just not recognized or understood by science yet, that it is the Sun. resp special solar influences , that causes these temporary temperature changes not only on but also within the Earth. OLd shoolbooks tell that the earth magnetic field would reflectand deflect all solar CMEs . NASA research however showns that this is not the case with polarised ( rotating) CMEs , if these impact with their positiv pole first, But even these types of eruptions do usually not cause much harm to us.

Its the socalled "solar particle events" ( SEPs- solar energetic particles/ proton-s first discovered in 2005) those can have dramatic physical effects on the earth through its magnetic field . Literally, SEPS- so NASA first expressed it " can do everything" what is thinkable, depending on their strength . There are not much records for comparation yet. SEPS usually are rather seldom and occure most frequently during the solar 11 year cycle max ( but also in between)

In the last years ( allthough the total activity decreases now as usually after the 11 year max which was in March 2013) SEPS however became more and the dominant type of solar eruption. ALso, as no ne was interestred Ii decided to focus my solar reports on SEPs andso I was able to collect much evidence for SEPs in thier real effects in the past years those were 100% identical and coincident. Nevertheless I get mainly critical and even aggresssive comments if I present or mention my results in any forum. Criticism however comes only from people, who draw their opinions from and and refer (therefore also their knowledge) to more than 100 years old schoolbooks.



Modern instruments, Satellite technologies and global communication however give us today tools to observe and understand our Earth in a way the first researchers hundred and more years ago just could dream of.

So, the earth curst presents itself as a broken surface out of several larger and minor plates with twinkels, fault lines trenches and other features in between, similar to some apple por potatoe roasted over fire and in which expanding gases cause the apples shell to brake along several lines

The existence of tectonic plates instead of one solid crust is therefor also most likely a result of dynamic temperature/heat and cooling down effects from within the earth body. Here one thing seems to me most remarkable:

Most people know not more about this than for example: these fault lines are devided into subduction zones and stretching zones.

Volcanism ( in terms of magma intrusion) and earthquakes ( cases by subduction on the other side) are mainly coincident , condition each other as both are part of one heating process inside the earth mantle. There is a low and constant volcanic activity caused by the gravity pressure in the inner Earth that creates heat that anyway must rise uo to the surface)

What most people not seem to realize is, that these zones are most of the time rather inactive- what means they open and close with rates of only some milimeters per year. That we have such an high MAGMA instrusion a s in tha pst years all around the globe is not usuall but rather EXCEPTIONAL!



The continental drift discovered in the past century is a movement related only to the Earth self rotation or " spin"

Depending on their"center of mass"( which is a point on every tectonic plate, where these rotation forces become effective), The tectonic drift has two common vectors:

1 The first vector in the continentla drift is caused by the Inertia, the rate, (the vector pointare the mass centers of ) the continental plates resist the Earth`s own rotation , what causes a general relative drift (vector) of all tectonic plates towards the West.

this is best visiblke on the evolution of the Hawaiiian islands above the hot spot which remains stationary within the Earth mantle while the Pacific oceanic crust above moves towards the West:

2. The second vector is created by the centrifugal force in the Earth rotation which is strongest around the equator. This second vector pulls all the continental plates( Vectors center is ever their center of mass) towards the equator.

Very good visibly is this on the african continent. While the more massive part North of the equator with its Mass center in the North west drifts westwards and southwards ( what creates lot of seimic activity in the entire mediterraneanregion ) The part South of The Equator even broke off from the Northern part of Africa and moves slowly to the West ( vector one) and northwards towards the equator.

- wiki Africa

. The related fracture opens on estern edge in the AFAR depression(African rift) Both parts seem to rotate around a common angle point

these two general vectors can create regional transformation on other plates such as a pressure towards the North east of the Canary islands

Competing theories on geologic evolution( wikipedia): "The most recent and accepted view is the theory put forth in 2009: that magmatism and plate tectonics have a feedback with one another, controlled by oblique rifting conditions. At that time it was suggested that lithospheric thinning generated volcanic activity, further increasing the magmatic processes at play such as intrusions and numerous small plumes. These processes further thin the lithosphere in concentrated areas, forcing the thinning lithosphere to behave like a mid-ocean ridge.[14]"


this citation of wikipedia already describes the third force that effects in movements but rather in between tect9nic plates. This is the force that tis believed only to be responsible for earthquakes and volcanism

But the continental drift or an accelerated continental drift ( as it is likeley curently caused by temporory ice meltdowns and longer periods ice losses in the artic regions)might be one of the triggers, if continental boundaries- may these be subduction faults or trenches in spreading zones are active or inactive (inactive means, no changes no opening and no closing).


The third force: MAGMATIC INTRUSION:

The main force resüponsible for that continental boundaries can be inactive over long periods and become suddenly active is not the general tectonic drift but magmatic intrusion from the Earth mantle.

ITs not always the case ( but rather seldom) , that magma begins to rise up through hot spots or cracks trenches and rifts, where continental plates drift apart form each other , but only form time to time and if- then on a larger or even global scale. Responsible for these temporary activity periods is not the Earth` rotation and also not the gravitational pressure form within the earth, which is a stable parameter an heat source but notn effective enough to cause such extraordinary events as we have witnesseed in 2004 ( sumatra quake) = or 2011 ( Japan earthquake)

These forces that temporarely heat up the Earth core and mantle above the normal values are- ( so i canm claim since all proton eventi examined yet were related to these activits increases) come likely from the sun and mainly from SEPs . CMEs can also have minor effects but most are neclectable.

Pressure is the right term but not the right word to express what the gravitational expansion forces magma has on the tectonic plates if such a magma intrusion happens form time to time , sometoimes once in an centurey sometimes over longer periods. The gravity pressure rises 1 bar per 10 meters depth. Otherwise the expansion force in hot magma that rises up from the earth mantle is so strong that it can press entire tectonic plates apart. Its so high that it even can lift up entire islands and mountains.


Where magma rises up on one place , a subduction must follow on any other place. THis is how volcanisms and earthquake activity are related to each other ( it all begins, as it seems ever with the volcanic activity)

Why? s logically , if volcanic activities begin to increase in periods of time, all that magmarising up l comes from the earth mantle and musttherefor be REPLACED within the Earth mantle by an increasing SUBDUCTION often just on the other end of the tectonic plate . (which is pressed apart by the magmatic intrusion on the other side)

subduction happens where the more massive tectonic plates sinks below the less massive ( heavy=) one. ITs end is pressed into the earth mantle where it melts and delivers new material to equalize the underpressure created by the prior magmatic intrusion into the Earth crust. Best example for an magma intrusion and subduction on the same tectonic plate:

The region of Afar is the Spreading zone . this South african bfrake off plate dives just along the west coast of Sumattra and Java below the Indo Australian one) Subduction

I will revise such a draft form time to time Hopefully i could express already ij this draft what i wanted to say


to be continued


second part:

IN this SECOND Part after the intruduction, I want to go in " medias res" and just explain what this blog now mainly, focusses on and what i call The INVISIBLE ERUPTION"

SEP ( solar energetic particles) , the terms as used in the US

also called "SAP" ( solar acceleraded Protons) - the European term the one I prefer , as indeed only proton are emmited with these events

the event also is called Solar Particle event(SPE)


The following essay gives a short overview about what was coincident in all of the 50- 100 SEPs I observed and compared since 2012



Before we anyway discuss and understand the processes on the Sun- the socalled " heliophysics" , we must define or at least try to understand the basic forces that sustain the activities on the sun, thos produce light and heat and those make life possible on Earth,


Magnetism accomponies us human beings since begin of our history at least in that form as experienced just by the fact that we are not swaying above the ground but are attrackted by the Earth below as well as all things fall back to the ground .

With the end of the 19 century and at begin of the 20th century, when Madame and Monsieur Curie began to explore what is called an atom, when electric currents were discovered and electric energy was produced , magnetism ( better: electromagnetism) nor only becam the essential driver of the industrial age anc technical evolution. Magmetisms was also new defined not just as any magical power of nature , but as a force that derives from interactivities in subnuclear particles- A new branch of science that later was called then " Quantum mechanics"


Meanhwile this science has brought along so "many flowers" resp theories up to the quark and string theories ,t since scientist still believe that any newly discovered subaoimic particle might consists itself again out of other even sdmaller particles. I don`t really deny that possibility but I am not really familar with, since no effect related to those particles can really be observed measured or felt as such , that would be different to the known effects of the real existing and approved primary particles the electrons and protons .

Simply eplained: there is just one force and property what we understand as mass or matter ( what we can touch and feel) ever had, what it forever will ever posses and what it never can lose: the gravity

"on the othger side" there is no other form of energy know in our present form of universe than what is called "acceleration of mass". The difference between these two fundamental forces , those together form space matter and in our experience time and energy , is that gravity is property all mass ever had posessed and never will lose, while

energy in form of acceleration only once in time had to be induced into that matter with the big bang and never again to create all what we know and see, as well as all forms of energy ( from th sun to any motor used on earth) we distinguish today


in the theory of the big bang, before time and space was created the mass of the entire universe existed in form of an ultimate dense rather round piece of matter somewhere in the umilited space. A dark ultimately dense and heavy piece of matter without any energy or movement. Then at any time, so the theory the "big bang" occured by any impact of energy into this primary matter What ever caused this primary and initial event is not known. Maybe god took his finger or if not then anything else brought this piece of matter into rotation.

Many scientist still believe what I simply would call or understand as unlogical nonsens: They believe that all mass would at last be comprimated energy and thus could be transformed into pure energy or finally would dissolve into something they call energy- something that- differently to what we know as matter for sure has NO SUBSTANCE , therfor not can be found as such nor that it could be filled into bottles or stored in any other form.

From the first theories on those still were factchecked and approvable : Energy is just matter that moves - in other physical terms :

Energy (E) = Mass ( matter) x (times) acceleration


Fact checked and approvable is also, that mass or matter can change its degree of acceleration: we can slow down and accelerate things as we like. and we also know that things can come to and the entire universe even come to an absolute stillstand .

In other words: matter does not neccessarely need energy to exist, and matter even doesn`t tend or want to absorb energy ot to become accelerated . On other words: Matter does`nt need energy to exist but energy needs matter to come to existence.

THis real property of mass is what has fascinated my all my life and is called Inertia of mass". Here I must seriously critisize that all schoolbooks and online sources even this fundamenal definition is now contributed and related in any form only to Albert Einstein, and more an more not any other names or works of other scientist ar mentioned anymore, llthough GRavity and its porperty ies was already explored was defined such as By Isaac newton long before einstein even was born . Albert Einstein just redefinded Gravity due to his basic cosmological theories .

we might not have made that final experience yet, but its just ridiculous to see, how scientists and scholars or university professors such as Steven hawking drag along this unlogical idea that mass = energy . in other words mass would consist out of energy or be something like comprimated energy . They refer their theory to Einstein. Something. Einstein obvioulsy never believed : His equation says something different , so either those scientists or even Albert Einstein can`t have been familiar with basic mathematics .

To say Energy is the same like mass would be expressed by the following mathematic equation

E (Energy) -= M ( Mass) but Einstein wrote;

Energy is mass times the speed of light ( squared)

which is in real "just" the equation how light comes to existence due to the common physical theoories . But light as well as the electricity/ electromagnetism which a si always associated to any light wave ist just one , a tertiär form of energy

( acceleration is the first, partial gravity collapse the second)

Nevertheless , then calim and hypothesis, that mass is pure energy and quote the same as energy is in any brainwashing form still kept alive by physicist and scholars all around the world today and is contributed also to the theory of the the "big bang", as it is also believed the bg bang was what chemists call an "endothermal reaction "


"An explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases. (wikipedia)!"

In case of a singular body as presumed to have existed priorly to that bing bang, such an explosion if triggered in its center ( by what?) would accelerate all matter around radially from the explotion center into all directions . The result however would have been ( as easily imaginable) that these particles would in all eternity spread apart from each other in all directions losing more and more their gravity on another and could so never combine again to matter stars galaxies or any larger body at all.

the other main or contraversial question among scientists and scholars regarding the begin of time and space might be whether an INTERNAL or an EXTERNAL force, resp SOURCE OF ENERGY has caused what they call the "big bang".

I myself however believe that only an external force can have caused this primary mass to expand in any form, but likely not with an explosion, but by bringing it into an rotation until at any time this rotation ( centrifugal powers) became fast enough that the particles began to spread apart from each other and formed the primary DISC - even all expanding objects in the universe, those derived secondarely from that primary expanding disc have until today .

In this model all matter emerging form the "big spin" would achieve the same initial speed at the same time , Thus ( easily expressed) they first begin to collide with one another and formed with a while tw0 different types of particles . By this collosions - one part of the particles split apart and formed fast but just tiny electrons, while others bigger remained intact and formed protons. Just because the energy cannot dissapear , so pairs of electrons and proton formed to hydrogen as the basic bricks for time and space, as the potential energyand also the antagonistoic gravity and mass of protons and electrons is so different both antagonists cannt combinen resp melt on in another


This law, that protons must be associated to electrons seems tome to be an universal law.

this gravity/ energy antagonism however is established and possibe in any thinkable seize in matter and different and on all imaginable energetic levels. In otzher words: (where is a proton there is an electron) if not, matter would either collapse or explode

This proto/ electron or gravity/ energy antagonism can be perfectly observed on processes on the SUN, expecially with tzhe socalled SEPs as mentioned in this blog and as being the main issue this blog meanhile focusses on to observe and explore.



all particles have some their initial cinetic energy until today: However One intitial acceleration was enoughto create the entire universe as we know it and sustains also all secondary energetic processes within until today

The main transformation of energy ocurred since, resp since the first( in the third phase after the big spin" giant) star were born .

However: All energetic processes in this universe are just opposite to the big spin ,that accelerated mass, while everything since then consumes reps tranforms that energy is based on the principle of what is called " Gravitaty collapse" this happens with fusion processes inn the sun as well as in a comparable event of nuclear fission . the tertiar form of energy would therefor be all chemical and biochemical procvesses we use in our daily life

There was something like a big acceleration at begin of time but it was not a " bang". a "Bang" however everybody would understand as an explosion.


So I believe: The only possibilty the universe came to existence in the from as we see it today can theore have been not a big bang but any EXTERNAL FORCE


and this fundamental definition that MASS IS NOT THE SAME AS ENERGY ( BUT MASS AND ENERGY ARE GENERALLY TWO ANTAGONISTS) is also essential to understand what is called " magnetism" as it - allthough invisible- really is

( will be continued soon...



The earth magnetic field plays the key role in the impact , the course and the stronggeophysical effects SEPs have - differently to all other known solar eruption tpes such as solar flares prominences and regular CMEs ( coronal mass ejections) those have compared to SEPs jsut minor effects or none at all.

Why has the Earth magnetic field a Southern and Northern pole like a magnet?

 The polarity within the geomagnetic field is not created by the existence of  free electrons alone  but -similar to a dynamo-  by the Earth`s own rotation . So- usually,  the "negative pole",  where  the electrons accumulate  is in the South and the gravity pole in the North  and it would not be a big thing or need  much, if that polarity would really flip or  shift regularly from South to North .This  might be caused # so i could believe- just by a minor shifts of the gravity centrer on the Sun to the South or North , as the sun has -differently to the Earth not a fixed gravity center  a rather dynamic gravitional center and field 

Protons have numerous effects when entering the earth magnetic field an geosphere

Protons are rather not energetc or antienergetic particles. Antienergetic in the context to energy  to stands here for gravity . The only known "potential" energy they posess as any other particle moving through the universe results from the acceleration  all protons received by the big bang at the begin of time .

WHAT IS AN SEP ( also called SAP or SPE) ? 

The solar event,  the socalled SEP (solar energetic particles) SAP( Solar accelerated protons) or SPE ( solar proton event) is barely explored . 

Out of at least 50 minor and major  SEPs I observed during the past 2 years , I call SEP "the invisible eruption" that cannot be really observed but they seem to  trigger an sometimes ( if the evnt takes place near to the solar surface) visible specific type of surface eruptions which looks very similar to a large hydrogen bombs that explodes underground Sometimes the explosion occurs deeper with the solar hull that no surface event can be seen and protons can just be  measured  by satellites such as ACE or GOES

 . SEP are typically occur in ( an are therefor related to)  active solar region with larger sun spots . As I believe by own observation, they are even by  scientists  rather confused with solar flares and CMEs , those happen mostly almost simultanously but are rather triggered by the SEP and not opposite. Some SEPs trigger high secondary activities hose can last for days  such as shockwaves running over th surface and  major flares and sometimes an entire cluster of multiple CMEs unleashed in their aftermath.


As I believe SEPs are larger or elder  sun spots , thos sink at any time deeper into the Suns gaz hull until they reach layers with so strong magnetic forces that they are torn apart into their single particles - obvioulsy only protons , sun psots most likely may consist of (what explains that they behave like black holes k, that no light can penetrate a sun spot as this mass of protons is so dense any heavy that it even cannot absorb any energy)


what is known is, that these solar protons if they hit the geomagnetic field fully impact by their positive charge ( in real only gravity) . However- as subatomar particles they only can aasociate to their counterparts. the electrons and move therefor along the longitudenal geomagnetic field lines towards the usually negtiav charged Southern pole . This is known and can be find also in wikipedia)

How these protons actually behave then is not explored resp cannot be really explored  entirely yet.  Most likely, as it can be considered by observation of the effects,  protons from low speed SEPs  ( with velocities around 20.000- 80.000 km/s) move to the Southern pole along the geomagnetic field lines and axis through the earth on an polar orbit around the earth and through the Earth body., whiole they transform their coinetic energy into friction and heat.


 High speed protons first seem not to have any effects at all, , what raised my theory , that these  high speed protons might first move on a wider polar orbit around the Earth even beyond the edge of the geomagnetic field, with a closest  approach  on the Southern and secondary the Northern Pole.  Thus they cause  first - and as again observed with this recent SEP  only friction there , while it takes a certain time  to slow down and get in friction with the Earth geomagnetic field, atmosphere and Earth boday. Most likely,after these protons have  slown down to an subcritical speed by any by during this friction process , they "end up" within the earth body and core where they integrate in existing atoms  or form Neutrons with the later atrrackted electrons if these as well reach a subcritical speed and discharge inot the Earth body.  In Fact protons  impacting with SEPs "only "cause heat effects. Their total energy however must be imagined in solar dimensions .

 Sure is also that all protons impacting with solar SEPs  with a while approach by their gravity (depending on their  speed ) the earth , wehere they move along with the electrons on the geomagnetic field lines on polar/ longitudenal orbits those lead through the Earth axis an core or mantle.

As mentioned already above- if solar accelerated protons have such a high speed as the SEP from April 18 2014, these protons would first  rather  move on an orbit in a higher distance around the earth similar as a satellite , until they are slow enough to integrate into the geomagnetic field , to get in friction with , and to slow down significantly.This probably  explains why the effects of extreme fast SEP protons take place lately with an delay of about 1 week and more.


the second phase hat sets in when the initial proton  storm eases, is that the Earth now neeeds an equivalent amount of electrons ( it that  just attrackts energetic electrons from the solar magnetic field ) to restore  the "particle neutrality " resp top form finally electron/ proton pairs resp Neutrons . This is a fundamental universal law , as protons and electron even cannot really sperate( nor be  be seperated form another permanently  .If  there would not be that equivalence of protons and electrons throughout the universe, , all matter would be instable and either collapse or explode.

The Max Planck Institut in Munich/ Germany  describes that procvess as a "short circuit "between the Earth geomagnetic field and the solar magnetic field, by which the earth axis temporarely would " heat up like a stove" (unfortunately iIhave not found this online article again so I could  post it here. 

While solar protons effect mainly on and through the Southern geopole, these electrons aatrackted after the proton event  so far its is known . accmulate above the Northern geopole. Compared evenst whos that this electron accumulation after one SEP would last about 3- 4 weeks . after that time normally  these highe energetic solar electrons would significantly slow down  with a final collapse  and discharge. During this period these electrons have many effects such as strong thunderstorms and tornadoes, they induce high currrents into power grids and- as  recent ship tragedies indicate  likely also ships on high sea.  They also and that mainly on the Northern hemisphere lead to longer heat  periods with possibly droughts 

SEP phase III:

If the energy  in these solar electrons is comsumed,  resp has transformed into heat it comes to as kind of collapse , which is also the inmdicator when the affected tectonic plates are cooling down . This last phase is again accomponied by strong earthquakes ., those occure, as these tectonic plates when  heated up by the protons impact,   expand and become morer soft , while the contract again  and harden when they again are cooling down . THIS THEN CAUSES FRICTION ON PLATE BOUNDARIES THOSE CAN RESULT IN CATASTROPHIC EARTHQUAKE EVENTS:

Some important general annotations to this essay and project for visitos of this page:

1. please be patient" this evaluation will take me at least until the end of 2014 I will continued writing on it, if I am in the mood to and next chapters have been thought through, may this be the question how to present or what is even necessary and feasable for this project

Also I want to make clear; that this essay here does not want to by a scientific evaluation of the NASA project on this 24 th Solar cycle. It at least wants to describe coincidences between certain solar activities and coincident terrestrial events those turned out to be 100 % coincident during this documentary and report by the statistical method as used for the evaluation.

Statistic evaluations are a recognized scientific method asnd the only one that was avaible to me - due to my own educations and social position.

A conincidence are two seperate events those happen at the same time and seem to be related to each other ( but must not be related to each other)

example for an coincidence: : Imagine; you sit in a closed room: sombody makes a movement with his hands after that the leaves of a plant standing nearby began to swing.

Here we know, that: 1. the movement of the hand causes a movement in the surrounding medium (air), that procceed further to the plant, where it causes an even similar movement of its leafes.

Just logically the first question pointed by intellectuals as as well as by some zynists on me always is: "what does link the solar event to the terrestrial one? " So my anser always is ; there is not thermometer inside the Earthmantle that would measure temperature differences and fluctuations , resp that " heating up" of the Earthmantle that happens after each proton impact

Butat least Ican presentsome scientific evidence yet, that can link the one solar event with the other.ö. such the terrestrial event by Max Planck Institute for Heliophyiscs / München. NASA and other sources that will be mentioned and linked in thise report and essay

So far this essay was and is also my first and main interest to be published , as its a is also the (my)final answer the question:





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