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This page should finally give a general commonly comprehendable overview about current reasearch on the Sun Physics and its related to the physics of our planet Earth ( geophysics). Especially It also shall give an overview and general explanations to all issues related to the current 11 years solar cycle and the intensive common research on it by NASA. NOAA and dozends other related institutes all over the world. Italso should serve my visitors ans an source of explanationsforf all related procedures, their special scientific items and language. Last not least it will also lead you into my own " Solar cycle" project, I begun in May 2010 and which is itself as an scientific component related to all oter issues you find here on my homepage, those finally will- as I hope result in a true round overview on the history of our civilisation on Earth ( see my related pages ; Mythology), basics their hidden secrets and knowledge and traditions of civilisations prior to others civilisation periods on Earth and from those we truely come from. Mainly what they have left to us for we should understand it. so far the creation of any page will need a good concept, precise informations and research . If this all is done well there will finally be some ideas in layout and presentations . So far this page will take a<good while to be realised. ( and also free available time for me to make it) JUst dont see it as a final project but as one which will be under steady development and further progress into its issues. Thanks!










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the following texts are preliminery drafts and are not completely corrected yet:


About the Sun:













The following essays are based on common scientific theories. Theories by myself are written in cursive letters.

what is a "Sun" or Star?




  1. question: what is matter?  

Suns- better to say here "stars" - were must likely the first bodies which formed out in the universe, when after the big bang hydrogen as primary element of all matter formed out of the primary matter. "Not anything thing comes form nothing". So, Primary matter is the term I use here for the quality and consistence of any unknown form of matter which must have already existed prior to the Big Bang. from this matter then the atoms and elements origined as we know them. what the Big Bang theory must consider is, that - if all the universe (speak: the matter inside time and space) came to existence from one point in time and space by the work of any initial energy , then this matter must supposedly having been highly compressed at least to density with no space left in between This again refers to another suggestion, namely that matter has a hard solid constistence and the appearance as a three dimensional body - just as we are used to experience this in our daily life on a planet called earth. Due to physical laws ( intertia) such a form of matter would be totally movingless by the gravity it produces in itself. Scientifically spoken: it would contain not one quant of the so called " cybernetic" energy (=energy which creates movement.By the way: not to forget that also the quality the form of energy prior to that Biog Bang is another unsolved mystery

a huge initial The "big bang "theory would also not have a problem if there wasn`t such time space or matter with such an "ultimate desnity" and the hydrogen would really be that undestroyable primary " building block" or "module" , all other elements and the entire universe are constructed , made of, would have been just in a highest form vompressed by its own gravity been the form matter which was prior to the big bangwith.

remark: Steven Hawking the creator of these actual most recognized theories came- as he explainedsome years ago- to the conclusion that such an "unlimited density" matter( also also referred as being a " singularity " speak: something which generally contradicts all laws of physics) cant exist.So no matter what it was


2 question: : what caused the big bang and the universe to create?


here we are again at the point where we realize that all what we suggest and suppose about the Sun and universe is a theory, just out of the reason, that we can`t take the sun or other parts of the universe into any lab, put it on the table, cut it apart so everyone can see and touch it and accept any theory as approved. So weird this sounds: this is the way our brain works. So we must aggree on the rule that any theory must at least be consistent, it must logical, what was nothing else than it must match to our own experiences and all what we believe or thinkto know ourselves yet. So just logically any theory we create will just be a comparations refering to any experience we HAVE ALREADY made in any moment of our lifetime or existence as society, We all know and must be conscient about that we and menkind before us was during all history on an kind of expedition through a world in which we were more ore less were thrown or set in and which we didn`t know before. and all what we know is based on experiences those were at the time we first made them totally new and unknown tio us This relflexion should keeps us open, that any of our theories (now just the other word for experiences) might at any point fail, where we will be again confronted with something new and unknown to us which might even contradict all the theories we made before . The universe outside our planets little world is such a place of unknown , but its not the "only place we still don`t know" as some expert sometimes "overstate" : More realiostic is The earth is the only place we already really and halfway know!

Latest, since some members of our human species were out in the nearby orbit and- what I strongly believe- at least were one walking on the Moon, we can surely agree on two major facts which determine everthing we know on Earth aas well as out there in space : The one thing is: there must be MATTER in a more or less solid form but also unlimited seeming forms of appearances. And there must be something which makes all to move, any form of ENERGY A standstill however- as we also surely know- whould end up our lives and finally also the life of the entire universe (universe= the limited space time filled with matter objects). It would again collapse and end up as that unlimited heavy single objects which was before the " Big Bang" occured.

So this at least we can take as experience as "theory" with us, if we try to explore how the Big Bang occured and how it was like. Trying to image what has blown apart that single piece of ultimately dense matter with unlimited seeming gravity and weight, that was there anywhere in time and space before the big bang , most may first say: It was an "EXPLOSION". Wikipedia: An explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases.

Due to common experiences, an explosion would be rapid, intense reaction which rather controls itself than it could be controlled by something or someone else. Any explosion however would just tore apart that round spherical body of matter as we would image the matter prior to the Big Bang. An explosion would most likely also create smaller and larger pieces of matter, than those tiny protons and electrons which fomred together then equal small constructions units such as hydrogen atoms. Most sciebntist however agree on that: Hydrogen was what first formed out of the matter ater the Big Bang.

I prefer another theory, which is also very simple: Something- maybe the energy that spread out form the primary matter, while it contracted before turned into cybernetic energy and brought that round squerical body of matter into an rotation. When the rotation increased to s certain speed, the ultimately compressed particles inside that pre Big Bang matter began to spread apart from each other. the round ball began tom form around itself a rotating disc. Once initiated to spread apart, the distance between these particles also increased .due to the laws of gravity- by the decreasing gravity between them- - resulted in increasing speed of that primary disc, looking someway like on hige galaxy first. als the forming out of hydrogen atoms could be explained that way.: The form of energy "inside the atoms"- either stored in form of Neutrons or just the electrons orbiting around the proton core, is then also nothing else than cybernetic energy. the movement of the electrons moving around the protons eiether inside a Neutron or an Hydrogen atom, stabilised by centrifugal power.

However only this would explain, the flat form of the most galaxies



The initial rotation caused the matter with the "big bang" ( rather an increasing rotation) to transform into a expanding disc

Had the universe first the shape of a rotating disc? Why seems the universe to expands into each direction?

When that bowl of primary matter began to rotate ever faster until the rotation was fast enough that the particles began to spread apart radially in all directions along its equatorial plane . this rotation on the big bang matter had still the most energy ( rotation) , just like as described by Steven Hawking with the parallel expample of a "ice piroutte." But from that moment the first particles had won distance from the big bang center. the rotation speed ( = initial energy) of that primary bowl of matter and its energy by and by decreased. This had the consequence, that the first particles (those formed by beginning regionalslow gravity collapses the first suns regionally the first galaxies a.s.o.) must have had an higher acceleration than those, which emmited later until that primary bowl of matter finally dissolved. This would lead to a vertain effect we actially observe: If the fiorst matter ejected wouls have the highest acceleration the last one the lowest, this would make at any point in spacetime ( means at any standpoint within the universe) the impression that the universe would expand in all directions. The standpoint on where and the direction in which we move ( Vector) is just the radial elongation of that path from ( or back to) the primary place where the big bang occured, and where all objects in the universe once started and received thiern initial acxceleration (= enerhy) . All objects in that radial segement would move into one direction . Nevertheless ( because of the different speeds/acceleration the first and last matter received during the " bigb bang") all Objects would appear to us as if the would spread in all directions, on which place in the universe we ever are. Objects farther away would also appear to remot from us faster just as observed, allthough these indeed might move slower but juist into the same direction as we do.Objects those moved after the bigh bang radially into the opposite direction might even by invisible as their velocity could sum up with the speed of that standpoint from where we observe that( moving into the opposite direction) to a value higher than "c".

Expansion and gravity collapse

This at least prevents the entire universe from collapsing -at least, so long as the universe can expand . Due to Newtons gravity laws, the gravity between any particles decreases exponentially to their distance from another, the universe would expand in all eternity and by and by becomes ever faster.

However- the universe must- due to this theory still expand radially on that plane given before by the equator of that rotating mass (that was prior to the Big Bang) .Within that disc, also movements could have began ( by interactive regional energy processes) into the North and South direction ( defined by the rotation axis of the premieval bowl of matter that was- as I assume- prior to the big bang) and propably the universe more and more approaches to a round shape of a bowl.

Universal Coordinate system established on the ( relative) point in space time where the big bang happened

If we would track the movement of all ( or the most) galaxies back in time (just by enlonging the movement vector back in time where we would finally achieve a node point where all these lines will meet) we would be able finally to find that place in space time where all once started.

Only, if we could localise this point of time where the big bang happened we most likely also would first time be able to establish ( which is not possible now) an universal 6 direction based coordinate system , required for orientation but more even and exact maesurements in space. This is necessary, as even the smallest error in the spacetime calculation would make it impossible for a long distance space traveler finally to reach its destination. Instead of reaching that star we fixed on we defined as the destination of our space travel and where to we initially have to accelerate our space craft to, such a space ship could end up hundreds of light years away, not taken in account the different and uncalculated objects and cosmical influences it will meet on its journey

Is there real any limited speed of light- equal throughout all the universe- or: does each star( galaxy a.s.o. produce its own "speed of light?"?

remarks: Some questiona are not mentioned here, such as the questions, whether any major light producing body (star) produces its own speed of light (in relation to its mass and density!) and whether it therefore would be rather likely or highly probable, that also matter can achieve velocities above that speed of light ( 310.000 km/s) we measure in our own Sun system. Or whether and as favoured by many astrophysicians the speed of light must be with 310.000 km/ s equal throughout the entire universe and mass never can achieve speed of light. As I strongly believe, the answer to this questions only can and will be a matter rather of empiric experiment or experiences and will be solved at any time by itself and by the progress in science and technology.

While the universe expands ever faster, denser regions, where matter attrackted each other collapsed by and by and formed premieval stars, first black holes and then again galaxies

Soon after the Big Bang, while the matter continued to spread apart , opposite processes started in denser areas, where hydrogen clouds atrackted each other by their gravity pull and formed a first generation of huge Suns. But these first stars had accumulated such huge amounts of mass , that the gravity pressure in their interior resulted in an extreme intensive nuclear fusion. As consequence, these primary "supersuns" soon later exploded again as supernovas throwing parts of their hull back into the universe while their interior collapsed under its own gravity. Their reminents - huge rotating black holes- attrackted Millions of later formed smaller stars and other cosmic bodies to the flat form of the most galaxies. The black holes in the center of the most galaxies have masses equivalent to Billions of Suns like ours. They may also have been a result of a fusion of a multiple of these huge early black holes resulting from the primary stars.

.. to be continued...





This (also not finally corrected) draft will be completed by and by...
Stars this part about Stars will follow later
Black Hole


If we first time hear the word " black Hole", most of us will think of something empty, where somthing passes through easily without collision. just like what any hole is for us. So-a black Hole must be something unknown, a hole in which no light shines or gets in and were we therefore also cannot look inside.

About this experience served, when physicians- namely Prof. Stephen Hawking tried to describe something what must exist but can neither be measured not seen.The theory abiut black holes mainly derives form what we feels and experience as any form of gravity, for physicians a combination of primary matter ( all consists of) with its pure gravitation and the magnetic field created by its cybernetic energy ( cybernetic means the forces of movement)

When Galileo Galilei found out- reportedly when he- while standing on the tower of Pisa let two round bodies from the same size but different weights fall at the same time , both balls hit the ground at exactly the same time. This confused our understanding of weight , While we experience we need ever more force as heavier something is we try to lift it up , it falls with then same velocity back on Earth. As items of same size but different weight create also a different impact crater, we must conclude, they have different amounts of energy. So- the logical question was: what would happen if all matter (while it cannot lose its mass, what is the only " real matter" that exists) would lose all of this cybernetic energy ( speak " movement") it must have , if even the structure inside any atome collapses? The dimensions and distances inside an atome are- as its is widely believed , similar to a planetary system. The difference is , that the energetic particles in an atom are not in its center as it is the case with the sun being in the center of each planetary system. The nuclear core is at all in a so slow movement ( energy) that it produces a stable and strong gravitational /magnetic field (gravity) but does not emmit any energy while the electrones by spinning around themselves and in a wide distance to the core "carry" the energy. If they would fall into the ncuclear cores, their energy must either emmit , but at least seperate from the mass particles at that time when the density between the particles atrackting each other by their gravitation has reached an ulitmate density.

At this critical point that piece of matter remaining after the total collapse, would turn into something which has not anything left of the qualities we usually combine with matter as we know it primary as something that pulls us back to the ground towards the Earth`s gravity center. As all what would remain would be totally motionless, and nothing would be there anymore, that could bring it back into any motion again.

Since time can be described or defined with nothing else that " the degree of movement resp acceleration of mass " `simply explained by the fact that even the clocks that measure our time do nothing else than to divide the Earth`s rotation into smaller pieces. there even can`t be time anymore.

At this point- as Stephen Hawking explained- even our laws of physics will no more be valid, neither would we be able to find out what is going on inside. . without entering that unknown area. But If we would, we would never be able to tell it anymore to the " normal world" outside , as we simply never would be able to return. On the one side- we would be pulled with ultimate gravity towards its surface ( so dense, that nothing could penetrate it anymore) while there is not even the smallest amount of energy lesft, resp. available, which could enable us to escape from there. Except that little amount of energy which we carried along with us in ourselves or we have brought inside with us. However the ultimate gravity inside must likely rather turn ourselves into a tiny piece ultimately dense that its just melts with the matter on which we are.

This is barely explained what is called a BLACK HOLE


image left ( wikipedia): Black Hole

as imagined from a nearby position but beyond that "event horizon" described by Stephen Hawking as that point of no return, from where not even light could anymore escape.



The existence of black holes are meanwhile largely regarded as approved. Not regarding the type of matter a black hole might consist of, the theory of black holes raised certain questions on possible consequences for common physical theories:

1. All gravity ,atter attracks resp accumulates energy and light ( light is regarded to be both: a particle as well as an electromagnetic field or wave) As assumed, the ultimate gravity effecting from a black hole creates a region of supergravity around itself . Due to Newton- gravity is highest at the center of matter and drops in double distance to a quarter of its former value. In a certain distance to such a black hole - the size or radius simply depends on its mass- is a certain border called " event horizon" ( the border to the interior, which seperates the region of our "normal physical world" with its certain conditions from that one which exists inside a black hole, where all these conditions such as energy time a. s. o do not exist and from which not even lught couold escape

2. As in all principles of physic "energy" is defined as movement of mass, the ultimate dense matter of a black therefore simply must ( by its gravity atracktion) accelerate light above the holy physical frontier of 310.000 km/ s.( = c). if afterwards the light can`tm escapee anymore.

With special regards to Albert EInstein, I still cannot understand why the most physicians today insist on that nothing/ no matter but just the light itself) can achieve or exceed the speed of light but more even: that light must have the same and even constant (!!)speed of 310.000km/ s all over the universe. They always refer to EInstein who wrote. that time is relative and has no limits . But: time is the basic paramater by which we distinguish different movement, speak the energy. Therefor EInstein never couod claim that light has a limited speed.


image left( by wikipedia): Prof. Stephen Hawking (click here for his website)

(from: wikipedia):

Hawking's principal fields of research are theoretical cosmology and quantum gravity.

In the late 1960s, he and his Cambridge friend and colleague, Roger Penrose, applied a new, complex mathematical model they had created from Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.[20] This led, in 1970, to Hawking proving the first of many singularity theorems; such theorems provide a set of sufficient conditions for the existence of a gravitational singularity in space-time. ... read more...

the next question is:

3. A black hole ( I say: black matter) is defined as " mass/ matter without any energy. So, what happens then, when such a black hole has sucked in light, resp that cynetic energy contained ion that matter of stars or any other cosmic body?

Will the energy change the matter inside the black hole into another form ( such as " Antimatter"

or : Is a "ultimate dense matter" just no more capable to accumulate energies such as electrons or light quantums ( by those it would logically begin to expand again . Is it may so that itz cannot do that unless perharps anequivalent of energy is available. Or: will the matter of a black hole be unchangeable for all eternity remais just that piece of ultimate heavy and movingless matter it ha turned to after its " gravity collapse"?

Stephen Hawking thought about these questions and wrote in his boook " a brief history of time": Anything what " falls" into a black hole will be torn apart down to its primary subnuclear particles. The energetic component of the matter which has fallen into a black hole would seperate from the mass particles and will be emmitted following an impact of matter in form of characteristic energy flashes shooting out on on both polar regions of a black hole


will be continued soon.

Black Holes can Create a hyperspace while it is fed with a significant amopount of matter



  DUALITY AND HYPERSPACE ( under construction) since NOV- 13- 2011  

premilimary remarks:

When I thought about how to title this necessary chapter, I wanted to use the term " duality dimemsions" first. But as Iwant to explain the world as simply as possible i took just the term duality. The reason is that not only in my imagination- but as we all learned in fundamental school education the first two dimensions ( what is a line defined as first dimension and a plane defined as the second dimension) simply don´t exist in the real world around us. Same as "time" which is just our definition of any movement, the first two dimensions exist as kind of bridges in our imagination. We actually need them to what we believe is our duty- to measure and compare anything or if we construct anything by ourselves. The universe does not need these firsst two dimensions . The universe as such and as a whole does it have any watch or time measurement Time in universe is simply connected to massand its fundamental power of gravuity and cinetic energy.

simply said: there is only space and movement, but this in every imaginable form.

Human beings have the ability to analyse everthing and to draw conclusions out of what we experience , This extraordinary talent was already described in the Mayan Popul Vuh ( one of the eldest relicts of our unknown history full of catastrophies and disasters) as a principal capability the creators had planted, "given" or equipped us human beings only with , and ( as we all know) that what makes us anyway superior over all animals as well as all dangers and task we get confronted with. The same talent also was what made as curious about everything and what triggered that what is called techological evolution- the specific of man kind.

. Its not the strength of our body what enables us to survive ( allthough our body seems not at all to be constructed to survive the extreme conditions on Earth). Its our intelligence. Imagine what would happen if an animal could learn in s the same way like we do. each cow and each chicken wopuld run away if it would have understoodd at any time , that the only reason why we feed is, that we one day will kill and eat them!

This ability is for ourselves not really understandable and- interestingly- its is something we never could reproduce in any technical purpose. In think, everyone knows the James Cameron film " Terminator" based on the fiction of a computer technology which is similar as human beings suddenly capable to learn" by itself" and takes over with pure logic (without any feeling) and by its sheer strength and invulnerability power control over the Earth after detecting an logiocal error,done by those who had once created this technology. There is a discussion on the possibility to create a computer resp robot CPU out of human nerve resp brain cellars. But as we know most of our thousands years learning is instinctively burned into a kind of matrix or DNS in ourselves , such a robot would likely be able to act human (what ever that maybe) but not out of pure logic.

In reality- despite some minor capabilities to associate (what is not the same as " learning" ) it is nevertheless regarded as impossible, that any computer would be able to " learn by itself" at anytime . This shoúld be a good reason to realize how precious this ability is for human life yeah even to worship it as our privilege instead of destroying it with lies, desinformation political supression and opportunism alkohol or whatever , as this is all senseless and might cost us our lives and existence only

About myself:

I was interested in physics stars and all about since my childhood on. I was some years in the gymnasium and one of my teacher for physics ( one who was not just counting beans or otzher itmes and was not boring) hold much of me . Nevertheless out of political reasons ( maybe my family history?) I had the same problem as many of my generation. SOmeone - or the many- in the after war goveernment did now want to let us come up in society and mainly politcis made that impossible soon after the year 1669. In reality we, reps both- our teachers politicians German and international society were same victims of political propaganda as the ones who made it now were its victims before under the third empire. What we all learned by that was just, that "masspsychologically" ( Freud) based mass propaganda still worked and it works until today. Only intelligent people are able to look through that game the old and new emperors made and make with them.

So I could never could study and as hundredthousands of my generation finally had chosed ta simply job or profession. I decided to work as gardener as e something that requires a good will and also can`t be regarded as something " evil" bit as a good and archetype task for a human being . In times , when the human race had achieved the capability to destroy all their planet forever by one single global nuclear war it requires even more people who stand up for humanity and if that is not possible at least show by their own acting and works that they want to built up and rescue our precious nature and planet instead of destroying it- Still- as Albert EInstein said it - it might be easier to split an atom than to destroy human preception


Chapter one:

DUALITY ( not finally corrected draft)

I will not be able to complete this chapter today but i want at least to begin with it that readers understand what it is all about.- Today`s science " is based on what was in former periods and ages called " philosophy, The technical evolution however required both. real empiric expeirice and scientific analysis. Today we have reached a level of technical progress- anyone who stills believes we "only" derived from apes must regard as absolute remarkable. Along with that technical evolution also science grew bigger and bigger . So today and as Darwin defined it its only possible to adapt up a small piece of all that knowledge . In other words to specialize. and this means . who specialises will maybe not understand all the system and wil always depend on others to create the whole evolutionary progress.

So here already we have the reason for the two major trends that became obvious in science with the beginning of the 20th century. While the major part is working on the details, some are chosen to understand the system as suczh and to keep an ey on the whole "thing" , This tendency manifested with a first seperation into " Macrocosmos" and Microcosmos": While the rather " theoretical ones" tried to understand what makes life possible on our planet and the universe the others more "practical ones" like mediciners tried to explore the micorcosmos such as life of microororganisms . In physics this trend bacame obvious with the relativity theory and its predecessors and followers on the one side exploring what created and hols together the cosmos with all its stars and galaxies , while the others researched on the little bricks it consists of : Atom physics and quantum mechnics on the other side . Both- the world of the atomsand the universe as a whole are something same barely visible and were notv understandable by our senses. The only way to approach an understanding was logical and theoretical thinking . But as if the creator wanted to stand us by with this difficuult ot impossible task or as if the matter had interets to shopw us how it is both worlds -the mocrocosmios and the macrocosmos turned out to be structured exactly the same way. what was just logically as the first consists out of the second one

But whatever theories ever made also during the last century. All finally came back to the eldest philosophy again: The duality as the principle of the physical world and microcosmic world it consists of as well as the organic world that derived from it. We find the duality as the common principle of all existence already described in ancient myth and books, mainly in eastern philosophy such as taoism.

The principles are well known to us and as easy explanable as they are:

All existence consists out of two powers/ forces or sources:

The one is the gravity ( Chinese call that Yang or: the female power) with the principle tendency ( physically: vector) to contract itself and all the world around.

Its exact counterpart is what chinese call "Ying" -the male power with the tendency to expand itself and all what is around . In physics known as the cinetic energy thatt creates all movement, including time and space



Due to modern laws of physics, the dualilty of these two components cannot be seperated from each other and the overall balance between these two powers is essential for the existence of the universe in any form it might appear. If the one would be gone the other also would/ must dissapear

Allthough some physcians believe that both compenents would turn into radiation of they come in contact with one another:



The second law of duality however seems to be: The two components can never mix with one another. In other words. Allthough they are aneigboured one even needs the other to form what we know as time space in our world they ever will be isolated from each other. (just like oil doesn`t mix with water - an bad but imaginable comparation) This is what is called a " Paradoxon".



Nevertheless any system is thinkable and also exists containing more of the one or the other component as long there is any " contrary built system or element ( this is all from an atom up to a large body as as star or galaxy) equivalent to balance it. And : automatically if any inbalance is produced here a contrary inbalance automatically must come to existence anywhere else. I think DUALITY is the most fundamental law of Physics. the principle of all we know.


These two components ar- each for itself- not matter but principal sources or forces . As Steven Hawking assumed- each of them might also exist anywhere in the universe as as singularity without the other component. But however if it would ( and am am sure that this exists) it does not form anything we know as space and time in a form that we could see it or experience it in any way ( such as walking on it) . Out of the assumption, there was a big bang at the beginning of time and space, from where all the universe still spread ( more or less) into all directions , it must be concluded that it still has a center which is right in its middle and which consits out singular ( tzhe chinese would say: ) "Yang" power - in physically terms gravity or antimatter.( first after the big bang that disc as described in the chapter about the big bang . But by collisions and frictions between the particles and stars by repulsive froces they later also changed their directions / vectors towards the North and South of that disc so that the universe most likely has meanwhile the form of flat and more or less round sphere)

This introduction was necessary to understand what comes next and is titled as " the eight dimensions and the hyperspace beyond "


In the following essays, I will call the female " Yang" component - that force that tends to atrackt everything ( and even its counterparrt) ANTIENERGY which has as its main quality the physical force of GRAVITY.

The counterpart the Yong force I will call ENERGY, which tends to bring everything it touches into movement and which has as its main physical vector the EXPANSION better CINETISM

The question is now: how would behave each of these two components if it would be alone ( singularity) without the other? The simple answer is: the gravity would contract itself to an ultimate density but then stop at all to movement ( as it cannot contract more) and come to a halt.

And the Energy? This- of course is one of the most importnat questions of all our existence! as we experience- tha sun produces our energy we need to grow and to live , But if it would suddenly stop doing that we all would immidiately die. Same is with us on Earth;: We need daily to eat something that contains that stored sun energy ( Photons) and if we would not have anything to eat we would die. Thus logically we experience energy as something temporary, which we (same as when we dry to bring matter into movement) first need comsume ( aquire) but then lose every time quickly again. what we surely now is that it brings things into different forms of energy ( heat, movement and so on=) but that spreads into all directions , even leaves our planet into endless space. The real question is thus far not : " Where does it move to ( logically forever into space) but rather " has it enough energy to do that in all eternity or will it come there anytime to a halt ? As space is believed to be empty and unlimited it may never stop to expand I won t be sure whether the old physical law called law of Conservation of energy would really turn out to be true if we could prove that and follow all these light rrays ( resp "photons or "light quantums") into endless space. I would assume it would at least not be capable to escape the gravity produced in the inner meterial universe as we know it. So I would rather assume that this law of energy conservation is not correct, The simple reason is: While space must be unlimited mastter and its components are limited . Out of what i described as energy( see part big bang" , this energy in fact needed only once be added in any form into tha big bang matter by any third source ( may be god?)to bring it into fast rotation that the universe was born and geban to expand . Thus the universe might alsoor rather comsume that energy in huge amounts of time. until it will start to collapse again What finally would be left over would just again be pure energyless matter such as it existed prior to the big bang. But i think noone will ever know or find the final answer to that question. And If we just try to get our feetback to the ground we will see. That this answer is not important at all for us. What we surely know is that the universe has still enough energy to exist for another billions of yearsand far longer than our sun will exist and ourselves, the human race.

But just yesterday somone gave me a very interesting DVD disc fromDr Michael Koenig a " quantum physician. I never heard of him yet but he has really a very very interesting theory about that!( Just click on the link to get to his website) Dr König even gives many interestings options and explanations on what is most wanted by modern physics - and refered as " the grand unified theory " . A theory that explains all four major powers known in universe and matter.

Out of what he says says ( simply explained) , I also would conclude , that the light would not continue to move further into space eternally. Due to Michael Koenig`s theory, it fills the so called "hyperspace" outside (beyond) of our known universe and spacetime - and form a kind of " light sphere there he calls " Eli" That "Eli sphere as Dr KÖNig concludes interacts with our universe by different gates , and simply said unifies the four forces as we know and experience them. So far as I have seen you can watch some his lectures for free on his website.



As I described above- all what I call " electromagnetic active matter" that is- on other words: all what makes the universe as we know it by its qualities of space and movement ( resp "time") must contain both elementary components. As the universe contains enough Yin energy as it contains Yang (enti) energy it never can lose balance nor can one of these components get elss or dissapear.(

This is the reason why they just can form to all kinds of particles forms of atoms ( even very exotic ones we may not know on Earth but those might exist aynwhere else) and to all grades of density

The possibilities of forms is unlimited. but can only have two chracteristics or principle appearances:. I call these two apearances MATTER AND ANTIMATTER . I and most physicians as well believe each atom contains of matter and antimatter particles ( such as protons) , yeah even each particle contains both in itself just as if a mirror would seperate two contray worlds from each other But a complex body such as a star a planet or a galaxy would appear to us either as a visible " ( what would means in these terms that it consits out of "matter") such as a Star our sun and its planets or: "invisibly (what would means that it consists out of antimatter) such as a black hole. Buit even a black hole( antimatterstar) must have in itself the contrary part simuilar to the world as we know it

But this sounds rather confusing So I will try to explain it another way:

Will be continued soon!

last update: Nov- 14- 2011

Solar stellar structur:    

Stars or " Suns" , as we know them, once formed out of clouds of hydrogen , in which the single atoms attrackted each other by their gravity and magnetism.

Hydrogen, the smallest known element, consists our of one single Proton in its core an just one electron in its orbital.

wikipedia: The proton is a subatomic hadron particle with a positive electric charge of 1 elementary charge. One or more protons are present in the nucleus of each atom, along with neutrons.The proton is also stable by itself. Free protons are emitted directly in some rare types of radioactive decay, and result from the decay of free neutrons from other radioactivity. They soon pick up an electron and become neutral hydrogen, which may then react chemically. Free protons may exist in plasmas or in cosmic rays in vacuum.

The electron is a subatomic particle carrying a negative electric charge. It has no known components or substructure. Therefore, the electron is generally thought to be an elementary particle.[2] An electron has a mass that is approximately 1/1836 that of the proton[8]Like other elementary particles, the electron is subject to the laws of quantum mechanics, and exhibits both particle-like and wave-like nature.

Gravitation is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature, along with electromagnetism, and the nuclear strong force and weak force. Magnetism has as much to do with gravity as it has to do with energy.


1= Solar core

2= radioative zone

3=convection zone


5= Chromosphere

6= Corona

7= Sunspot


9= Solar prominence

my own theory:

There is one fundamental law in physics , which contradict these theories saying " energy cannot be stored" What means: There can`t be be any form of energy "Energy has not structure no form and is no kind of substance by itself , but is just the result of one initial acceleration of the entire universe by the Big Bang.

The universe needed just one initial acceleration of the universe to create distances between its particles and create all energy that exists. All forms of energy transitions we know and experience are therefore a result of gravity processes, the interia of mass , that tries to bring- to "pull back"- the universe and its parts within -to its initial state of that single ultimately dense and heavy piece of matter, which was there before the Big Bang occured

I myself therefor prefer a more simple theory, due to which there are just particles, ( what is commonly called " mass) which has a certain and variable degree or state of movement, as the real and one and only form of primary energy which exists in the universe. Therefore all particles can at any time change into any other particle. So, all particles as known or named by Physicians ( from Quarks to compext structures) only would difer among themselves by their relative movement, may they just spin around themselves or- as the electrones- orbit around a low energetic core or proton. As the electrons were smaller particles (1/1836 mass of a proton) they were ( such as after by big bang) once higher accelerated. By the fact that their masses were rather lsmall , they soon were attrackted "catched "by the Protons and started to orbit around them. In the subatomar vacuum they would most likely never lose their cybernetic energy, as long as there is not any influence from outside such as friction, by which they would just transmit parts of their speed to other, If this happens, the electrones moves into an lower orbit- means to an orbit closer to the nuclear core- the Proton . Again they also can again be accelerated by small particles those spread during collisions mostly of electrones, whereby they move again into an higher orbital. Higher in the sense of an higher distance to the nuclear core.

The energy effects of Electrons:

Allthough each particle normally just has gravity which interacts with other matter, I suggest, that at any rate of acceleration or spin, the centrifugal power would neutralize this gravity effect and at least create a repulsive magnetic field around them. Electrones are those particles with high acceleration. They just would ( due to my theory) turn the bigger part of their gravity to work into the opposite direction: From a certain acceleration on the gravity of the electrone ( as being quite the same mass particle as all other elementary parts in matter) would not more pull everything else on its surface but pull it diamateral away from it into all direction resp along it equatorial plane (spin) . This would explain why electrons reject each other . This would also explainall cybernetic /energetic effects known as light or electricity. Ibn this form any electrone just would ( in friction with others) loose small amounts of its matter ( by friction) auch as photons which are thrown with high speed into space, where they have all these energetiv effects we know. Light only becomes visible if Photons get in contact ( friction) with other particles , whereby the visible light ( a hot particle) is created.

please note: this is my own theory. I dont expect anyone to " believe" it. Neverthelss. nothing in elementary physics nor in astrophysics can be proven so far that anyone can put it on a table of a lab, and do things like analysis with it, as to open it that everone can see or touch what it is like, what it constist of or how it works. All what we believe to be real we prove by our senses . What we can`t prove by our senses we wouldn`t ever really believe.

back to intertia:

As more these elementary particles lose energy by friction with others or by other influences as more they will therefore approach to others, (maybe crash on them like a moon can crash on its mother- planet, they will turn into positively loaded particles speak gravity particles ( protons) . Particles generally tend by their quality of gravity to attrack each other and come to a standstill with no movement at all. This is called "intertia of mass" one of the most interesting and elementary laws of Physics. Only their initial movement just done once in time, by that pwoer which urged the primary matter orior to the big Bang to spin so fast that these particles started to spread apart form each other does can prevent that standstill.

Out of the fact that the hydrogen as smallest brick of matter containing accelerated matter and the environment of duality combines both: gravity and cybernetic energy. Both somponents combined only stabilise the universe and the threee dimensional space and such , This fundamental principle is called "equivalence of mass and energy ( what does not mean that both is one and the same!)


Magnetism is the form of appearance of that "energetic duality" and creates a bipolar field . It can - as we know by each electromagnet therefore be both: atrackting matter or accelerated it ( if we - for example switch on any electromotor) inside the atoms electromagnetism has a certain state depending mostly on the density of that matter or element. As the gravity effects unlimitely and cannot be absorbed, the density between electrons and protons inside the structure of atoms must generally rather be equal at löeast within any star and its planetary subsystem . The resulting magnetism also determines what we experience as "weight", resp that certain speed anythings falls back on Earth again all , no matter how big that mass is resp what it weights. This was the frist phenomenon of gravity, Galilieo Galilei thought about:

Modern work on gravitational theory began with the work of Galileo Galilei in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. In his famous (though possibly apocryphal[1]) experiment dropping balls from the Tower of Pisa, and later with careful measurements of balls rolling down inclines, Galileo showed that gravitation accelerates all objects at the same rate

An exception would also be extreme compressed matter with an destroyed or altered subatomar structure such as suggessted to exist in Neutron stars white dwarfs or black holes.

Electromagnetism is ths most common form of energy we know and take use of . it can both, attrack other bodies ( slow them down) and propulse them

Solar physics ( wikipedia) is the study of our Sun. It is a branch of astrophysics that specializes in exploiting and explaining the detailed measurements that are possible only for our closest star. It intersects with many disciplines of pure physics, astrophysics, and computer science, including fluid dynamics, plasma physics including magnetohydrodynamics, seismology, particle physics, atomic physics, nuclear physics, stellar evolution, space physics, spectroscopy, radiative transfer, applied optics, signal processing, computer vision, and computational physics.
  will be continued  






remark: explanations are backlighted in red, registercard containing live images of the sun are backlighted yellow, those containing Real time data graphs pink









latest single live picture from the Sun





click here to find another online SAR glossary of SOLAR TERRESTRIAL terms






click here for VIDEO CLIP: M 5.3/B1 and X 2.1 on SEPTEMBER 06 2011
FILAMENT (eruption)
<< image: NASA/ SDO- gallery: FILAMENT ERUPTION
text: NASA. com: Filaments are large regions of very dense, cool gas, held in place by magnetic fields. They usually appear long and thin above the chromosphere, as in the picture above. It is because they are cooler than their surroundings that they appear dark. But if they appear on the "edge" of the Sun, they appear brighter than the dark outer space behind them. In that case we call them prominences. Here is a close-up picture of a prominence.
    alternative use of " filament": GALAXY FILAMENT ( wikipedia)

SOLAR FLARE (Wikipedia)

A solar flare is a sudden brightening observed over the Sun surface or the solar limb, which is interpreted as a large energy release of up to 6 × 1025 joules of energy[1] (about a sixth of the total energy output of the Sun each second). The flare ejects clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms through the corona into space. These clouds typically reach the earth a day or two after the event.[2] The term is also used to refer to similar phenomena in other stars, where the term stellar flare applies.

Type II and Type IV radio sweep The Culgoora Solar Radio Spectrograph observes the radio emmission of the Sun from 18MHz to 18GHz. This is required as solar flares can radiate energy over a very broad frequency range. Solar flare radio activity appear as "sweeps" on a solar radio spectrograph display. In particular, there are two types of "sweeps" known as "Type II" and "Type IV", which can indicate that a solar coronal mass ejection has occurred. IPS combines the solar radio "sweep" signature of the event and the solar location and size of the H-Alpha flare activity (obtained from Culgoora Observatory H-Alpha patrol), to determine the geo-effectiveness of the event. Find out more on
image:solar flare (by: NASA) SOLAR FLARE ( SOHO)
PROMINENCE pic of the week NASA/ SDO


A prominence is a large, bright feature extending outward from the Sun's surface, often in a loop shape. Prominences are anchored to the Sun's surface in the photosphere, and extend outwards into the Sun's corona.


<<"pic of the week" by NASA/ SDO;

A coronal hole, stretching across the top half of the Sun, rotated into a position where it was facing Earth (Feb. 1 -3, 2011)


Coronal holes are areas where the Sun's corona is darker, colder, and has lower-density plasma than average. These were found when X-ray telescopes in the Skylab mission were flown above the Earth's atmosphere to reveal the structure of the corona. Coronal holes are linked to unipolar concentrations of open magnetic field lines. During solar minimum, coronal holes are mainly found at the Sun's polar regions, but they can be located anywhere on the sun during solar maximum. The fast-moving component of the solar wind is known to travel along open magnetic field lines that pass through coronal holes.



<<img. SOHO- Blasting CME



A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a massive burst of solar wind, other light isotope plasma, and magnetic fields rising above the solar corona or being released into space. Coronal mass ejections are often associated with other forms of solar activity, most notably solar flares, but a causal relationship has not been established. Most ejections originate from active regions on Sun's surface, such as groupings of sunspots associated with frequent flares. Near solar maxima the Sun produces about 3 CMEs every day, whereas near solar minima there is about 1 CME every 5 days.[2]

< image: SOHO: This LASCO C2 image shows a very large coronal mass ejection(CME) blasting off into space on 2 December 2002.  It presents the classic shape of a CME:  a large bulbous front with a second,more compact, inner core of hot plasma. This material erupts away from the Sun at speeds of one to two millionsmiles (or km) per hour.

SOHO classroom/ lessons:

Measuring the Motion of a Coronal Mass Ejection


" HALO " is a Greek term and means " ring of light around the Sun" and is similarly used to describe the typical shape of a CME as a ring and funnel. " FULLY HALO" means: The observed CME solar wind wave ( not the flare!!) covers the ENTIRE disc of the sun

PARTIALLY HALO means the Solar wind wave created by a CME covers up to 180° of the visible Sun disc

"PARTIAL" means: the solar wind wave just covers a smaller part of the visible solar disc ( less than 180° )

(The terms are used to define by estimation how far a CME is EARTH directed)



Sunspots are temporary phenomena on the photosphere of the Sun that appear visibly as dark spots compared to surrounding regions. They are caused by intense magnetic activity, which inhibits convection by an effect comparable to the eddy current brake, forming areas of reduced surface temperature. Like magnets, they also have two poles. Although they are at temperatures of roughly 3000–4500 K (2727–4227 °C), the contrast with the surrounding material at about 5,780 K leaves them clearly visible as dark spots, as the intensity of a heated black body (closely approximated by the photosphere) is a function of temperature to the fourth power. read more on ikipedia

The " Penumbra" of a sunspot

The average temperature on the Sun`surface is at appr.6.000 °C („effective temperatur“ 5.770 Kelvin).Sunspots are believed to be dense areas which blockade the emission of hotter gas from the suns interior below.In the core area of a sunspot this temperature is appr 4000° C 2000° lower. This darkest central area of a sun spot is also called "umbra" ( latin for " shadow") With the certain distance from the center of a larger sun spot or an entire merging spottet region the density decreases and forms a ring with lower density around the umbra, where just more of the light from deeper sun areas cen penetrate. This are ( see image left) appears then ( but only by special filters) also darker than the unspotted sun surface but less dark than the sunpot itself. This is what is called "penumbra"( " half shadow"

image: NASA " what lies beneath a sunspot?   link:-collection on NASA website about sunspots
11 year- SOLAR CYCLE

(this text refers to my own theory . the author of alien-homepage. Its just a theory a hypothesis without liability- I have achieved through many years and many studies . Here you can read more about: 2012- Apocalypse? or: MAYA- calendar of the long copunt ( German- English version also available)

Possibly our Sun is moving in regular orbits through space and around larger stars. ( possibly Sirius). However- appr. all 25920 years ( other authors suggest different periods) our Sun and its planetary system cross the line between Sirius and the galactical center of the milky way which " holds" all stars on the ecliptical plane - determined by its equator. But it also aligns in each halftime ( 12960 years- see graphic right side) During this period, large gravitational forces pull diametrically on both sides of the sun ( while it rotates/spins) which are currently aligned with these two major objects: Sirius at about 5 ° Gemini and the galactical center of the milky way at about 5 ° Sagittarius. . This may likely causes large turbulences inside the Sun resulting in large fluctuations with maxima of solar activity . End 2012 both periods match with another- the 11 year solar cycle maximum and this stellar galactic constellation as described. The 25920 years mark one orbital period around Sirius. This already occured estimated 80 Million times during Earth history and is no reason to worry about. The synchronous "precession" of Earth the Sun and other planets also have to do with this orbit around Sirius, just like something inclines while moves around a whirl . The declination of that planetary plane to - what I call " real ecliptical plane" determined by the galactic core- a rotating huge black hole also will be at zero during this period (synchronicity of the planetary and galactic plane) This may have many other effects mainly on the Earth , such as the current shift of climate zones.( climate change?) Will be a moment of deepest harmony, I hope resp. I guess D also if not: Don`t miss it ( if this theory is true!!!) will be an extraordinary experiences no generation has made before. maybe something unprecedented will happen? Would not be the first time in human history, I guess.

SOLAR CYCLE (wikipedia)

The solar cycle, or the solar magnetic activity cycle, is a periodic change in the amount of irradiation from the sun that is experienced on Earth. It has a period of about 11 years, and is one component of solar variation more at wikipedia


The sunspot cycle

In 1610, shortly after viewing the sun with his new telescope, Galileo Galilei (or was it Thomas Harriot?) made the first European observations of Sunspots... recommandable article! read more on NASA`s website >The sunspot cycle

l 11,000 year sunspot reconstruction

graphic by: NASA


NASA: The solar wind streams off of the Sun in all directions at speeds of about 400 km/s (about 1 million miles per hour)... read more

The solar wind is not uniform. Although it is always directed away from the Sun, it changes speed and carries with it magnetic clouds, interacting regions where high speed wind catches up with slow speed wind, and composition variations. The solar wind speed is high (800 km/s) over coronal holes and low (300 km/s) over streamers...

read more


Laboratory simulation of the magnetosphere's influence on the Solar Wind (wikipedia)

(wikipedia)The solar wind is a stream of charged particles ejected from the upper atmosphere of the Sun. It mostly consists of electrons and protons with energies usually between 10 and 100 keV. The stream of particles varies in temperature and speed over time. These particles can escape the Sun's gravity because of their high kinetic energy and the high temperature of the corona. The solar wind creates the heliosphere, a vast bubble in the interstellar medium that surrounds the Solar System. Other phenomena include geomagnetic storms that can knock out power grids on Earth, the aurorae (northern and southern lights), and the plasma tails of comets that always point away from the Sun... read miore on wikipedia


















various items without own register cards:

radio sweep (Type II and Type IV)

see: FLARE


" umbra/ penumbra" see> SUN SPOT


"Halo CME / partial Halo CME"

see: CME














Mission duration: June 26, 1994 - June 30, 2009 (communications terminated)



Ulysses is a decommissioned robotic space probe that was designed to study the Sun as a joint venture of NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). The spacecraft was originally named Odysseus, because of its lengthy and indirect trajectory to near Solar distance...

Originally scheduled for launch in 1986 aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, due to the loss of Challenger, the launch of Ulysses was delayed until October 6, 1990 aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery (mission STS-41). The spacecraft's mission was to study the Sun at all latitudes. To do this required a major orbital plane shift. Due to velocity change limitations of the Shuttle and the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS), this was accomplished by using an encounter with Jupiter to effect the plane change instead of an engine burn. The need for a Jupiter encounter meant that Ulysses could not be powered by Solar cells and was powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) instead

Solar southern polar regions

Between 2000 and 2001 it explored the southern solar polar regions, which gave many unexpected results. In particular the southern magnetic pole was found to be much more dynamic than the north pole and without any fixed clear location; instead, it is diffusely located.[c... read more on wikipedia



Ulisses`s second orbit ( wikipedia)

real time image of the EASTERN SUN HEMISPHERE    


latest real time image of the WESTERN SUN HEMISPHERE    
latest Real time image : Eastern hemisphere of the Sun    
STEREO A+B-rotating Sun

STEREO Ahead COR 2    
latestv real time image of the WESTERN Sun HEMISPHERE    



The Sunspot number ( NASA /Solar physics)  

" Sunspot number"- WikipediaThe Wolf number (also known as the International sunspot number, relative sunspot number, or Zürich number) is a quantity that measures the number of sunspots and groups of sunspots present on the surface of the sun.
The idea of computing sunspot numbers was originated by Rudolf Wolf in 1849 in Zürich, Switzerland and, thus, the procedure he initiated bears his name (or place). The combination of sunspots and their grouping is used because it compensates for variations in observing small sunspots.
This number has been collected and tabulated by researchers for around 300 years. They have found that sunspot activity is cyclical and reaches its maximum around every 9.5 to 11 years (note: Using data from SIDC for the last 300 years and running a FFT function on the data gives an average maximum at 10.4883 years/cycle).[1] This cycle was first noted by Heinrich Schwabe in 1843.
The relative sunspot number R is computed using the formula (collected as a daily index of sunspot activity):

R = k(10g + s) \,

s is the number of individual spots,
g is the number of sunspot groups, and
k is a factor that varies with location and instrumentation (also known as the observatory factor or the personal reduction coefficient K).[2]

HMI (Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager) image above:Catania sun spot groups
  The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly images the solar atmosphere in multiple wavelengths to link changes in the surface to interior changes. Data includes images of the Sun in 10 wavelengths every 10 seconds. PI: Alan Title, PI Institution: Lockheed Martin Solar Astrophysics Laboratory.

yo daily solar data such as sun spot number are available on the following

solen./info:Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

This image is updated automatically The sunspot "source-ery"  

SUMI-  Solar Ultraviolet Magnetograph Investigation

SUMI- Solar Ultraviolet Magnetograph Investigation

SUMI/ HOME NASA has not established a special website for the SUMI mission yet. . The satellite has just started operating some days ago in JULY 2012   NASA
LOUNCHED ON: The Black Brant IX sounding rocket carrying the SUMI experiment was successfully launched at 12:49:59 MDT ( 2:49:59 p.m. EDT). Preliminary results show that good data was received.lounched on SUMI
FUNCTIONS: SUMI’s instruments are designed to study magnetic fields of the sun’s chromosphere -- a thin layer of solar atmosphere sandwiched between the visible surface, photosphere and its atmosphere, the corona  
INSTRUMENTS: igh Resolution Coronal Imager (Hi-C)  


SDO/AIA 171 (brown)
SDO/AIA 171 (brown)    
latest real time image (click to enlarge)    
latest image      
SDO/ AIA 304 ( red)
SDO/ IAI 304 ( red)    
latest real time image    
SDO/HMI Magnetogram
SDO/HMI Magnetogram  
latest magnetogram displaying the active regions on the Sun- (click to enlarge)  
see -"active region monitor"  






latest AIA red filter image- " THE SUN NOW"- live view on the Sun`s surface

updated automatically

>AIA (Atmospheric Imaging Assembly) ANIMATIONS & FEATURES
EVE (Extreme Ultraviolet Variablity Experiment) YOU TUBE
HMI (Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager) DAILY MOVIES
LOUNCH ( FEB- 11-2010) EVE L2 DATA
  DATA RULES (Copyright)
" THE SUN NOW" AIA images in different wavelengths



SoHO/LASCO 2 (red)
SoHO/LASCO 2 (infrared)    
latest real time image (click to enlarge)    
SoHO/ LASCO 3 (blue)
SoHO/ LASCO 3 (ultraviolet))    
latest real time image (click to enlarge)    
SOHO- SOLAR WIND- Real time data
SOHO- SOLAR WIND- Real time data


The SOHO space observatory also measures the varying speeds of the sun winds. This is important to calculate f I the exact time when a CME impacts on an communication or navigation Satellite ( like GPS) earth where its can cause high damage. if a CME finalkly impacts on Earth ground its sets free much of its enourmous amonts of energy whart regularly leads to heavy Earthquakes or volcano eruptions or damages on power grids and othzer technical devices

the latest 48 hours of solar wind data
about: SOLAR WIND DYNAMIC PRESSURE (pdf-recommendable!)
NOAA: Explanation of Real-Time Solar Wind data dials
Wikipedia- magnetic field- H and B lines ( components)
Scientific essays:
effects of the interplanetary s magnetic field on the geomagnetic field
graph above:ACE Solar Wind Real-Time Data Gary, G. A./ Haward: Linear force-free magnetic fields for solar extrapolation and interpretation







SOHO REALTIME- image archive
Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

(by: wikipedia- read full article)


current view on the Sunby: SOHO/ LASCO 2 imager (click to enlarge) current view on the Sunby: SOHO/ LASCO 3 imager (click to enlarge
LASCO (Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph)
NASA- Solar Radio Data
NOAA- Solar Radio Data
NASA/Smithsonian:10.7-cm solar radio flux and the magnetic complexity of active regions
Wiki (only in German) Solarer Radioflussindex
(Wikipedia > radio flux index):: Emission from the Sun at centimetric (radio) wavelength is due primarily to coronal plasma trapped in the magnetic fields overlying active regions.[16] The F10.7 index is a measure of the solar radio flux per unit frequency at a wavelength of 10.7 cm, near the peak of the observed solar radio emission. F10.7 is often expressed in SFU or solar flux units. It represents a measure of diffuse, nonradiative heating of the coronal plasma trapped by magnetic fields over active regions, and is an excellent indicator of overall solar activity levels

(NASA(NOAA) red curve: The microwave wavelength 2800 MHz daily radio flux correlates highly with the daily sunspot number and the two databases are used interchangeably. The 2800 MHz, or 10.7 cm, responds to the same conditions that produce changes in the visible and X-ray wavelengths.

The intermediate frequencies (at 2800 and 3750 MHz) are produced mainly by free-free gyroresonance emission from sunspot structures, while 1000 and 9400 MHz flux are produced mainly by free-free processes from structures associated with plages. They can distinguish plage-associated emission from spot-associated emission in the time series of microwave flux, both contributing opposing effects on the total solar irradiance.

GOES X-RAY FLUX- Data plot automatically updated once per minute.  
GOES MAGNETOMETER and Planetary K index

What is the planetary " K" index and how is it related to the "A" index? >NOAA


About (planetary) "K-index" by wikipedia
NASA/ KP Index (Estimated Planetary K-index) Tutorial
The " Planetary A" index is an daily average of the geomagnetic flux values measured by a global network of solar observatories and satellites . The index derives from the planetary K; index values collected during one day . The A and K indices are values to measure the distortion and deformation of the geomagnetic field by sun influences such as CMEs coronal holes or solar x ray flux
GOES- magnetometer- goeshp- archives
Further information/ articles:
USGS/ Monitoring the Earth's Dynamic Magnetic Field
3- days-GOES 13 and 15 MAGNETOMETER MONITOR- updated all 5 minutes NOAA- GOES - combined data plots
(GOES/NASA:) The Solar X-Ray Imager (SXI) is essentially a small telescope that is used to monitor solar conditions and activity. Every minute the SXI captures an image of the sun's atmosphere in X-rays, providing space weather forecasters with the necessary information in order to determine when to issue forecasts and alerts of conditions that may harm space and ground systems.
GOES- Solar X- ray imager page
NOAA Satellite Information Services Quickview
NOAA- Office of Satellite operations
NOASIS educational center : Learning About Satellites and Remote Sensing
latest image of Goes 15 SXI ( automatically updated)  
GOES- Solar X ray Imager (SXI)        


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Electron Proton and Alpha Monitor

24 hours Real Time: LE ELECTRONS      
PROTONS- ACE Real time



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Earthbound Institutes:

INTERMAGNET ( Coordinator of global geomagnetic survey)




other interesting solar websites: Solar and Terrestrial Activity report



































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Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment



Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment

NASA- Jet propulsion laboratory (HOME)
GRACE / ground track
GRACE/ Partners
Acknowledgement and Citation
Gravity field: images and animations
NASA( GRACE fact sheeds
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Dynamic ocean topography animation over landmasses


GRACE is a collaboration of the US and German space agencies (NASA and DLR). GRACE ground segment operations are currently co-funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). NASA, ESA, and DLR are supporting the continuation of the measurements of mass redistribution in the Earth system.The key partners in the design, construction and launch of the mission have been the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the University of Texas Center for Space Research, Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam, as well as Astrium GmBH, Space Systems Loral (SS/L), Onera and Eurockot GmBH. GRACE TELLUS provides user-friendly data grids, with most corrections applied, to analyze changes in the mass of the Earth's hydrologic components. We do so by using GRACE mission data, with additional post-processing, alone or in combination with other data, to generate gridded products (monthly and time-averaged) with the most up-to-date corrections.

GRACE Data in spherical harmonic form, for both the time-averaged and time-variable fields, are available from either PO.DAAC or GFZ.

Other sources of derived GRACE products are listed in the left bar under 'Partners and Related Sites'.

GRACE Gravity Model 01 - Released July 2003 - Releasmain pageed July 2003
GRACE Gravity Model 02 - Released October 29, 2004 pdf(notes) animation over water(oceans)
GRACE Gravity Model 03 - Released 2008 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt  
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(none solar project) NASA- "CURIOSITY" MARS MISSION
landing site >Gale Crater
> lounched on:
7:02 a.m. PST, Nov. 26, 2011
(10:02 a.m. EST)
> landing on MARS:
10:32 p.m. PDT, Aug. 5, 2012
(1:32 a.m. EDT, Aug. 6, 2012)


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update- Aug- 10- 2012: The live stream ( see embedded default player above) is NOT ONLINE yet.

. any radio signal und thus also any command to Curiosity to Mars needs (oneway) approximately 10- 20 minutes - depending on the current position of Mars resp current distance form Mars to Earth. This is why it also takes long to test and configurate all systems of the rover. Curiosity ground staff began after landing to configurate all systems and said on August 09- 2012 that the live video stream will start up in the next days- probably until August 15- 2012
mission fact sheed (pdf) follow briefing schedule    

NASA/ youtubeHD: landing places of Mars explorers:


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