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1. content: what will you find on this pages: (internal content)

In 2004 -after several of statistic evaluations showed up kinds of coincidences - I began to evaluate, whether there is a "special relationship" between the planetary constellations and the weather - to elaborate a weather forecast, based on the planetary influence on the weather. The earthquakes statistic you find on these pages here were therefore a subsequent project to examine, whether there is a also any or any similarv relation between these planetary influences and the seismic activities / Earthquakes and volcanism) on Earth. So far as I can say now, there is influence but not in the same way , as it is th case with the weather.

A new promising approach is a possible coincidence beween the Sun activity and the volcanic activity . This theory was not new and was suggested since years but perharps first can be explored since there is a new NASA space satellite called " Solar Dynamics observatory" is in orbit, which really can measure and examine the activities of these sun activity more precisely . Sun spots are rather colder areas those appear on the suns surface layers . They are processes which" normally" rather happen more in the Sun`s interior regions but rise up more and more to the surface . The sun activity regularly increases within a 11 years period to a maximum all 11 years , decreasing again in the 5.5. years after to a half time minimum. These sun spots first show very well how the hydrogen fusion inside the sun works. Particles produce/ spread energy , by collapsing by an increasing intense gravity between the sun particles- Sun spots are gravity spots those seem to be regions of higher gravity, as I believe consisting out of a kind of black matter , in which the matter/ particles resp their magnetic binding fields around are attrackted and compressed by the higher gravity within these regions , similar as a black hole would do with even the lightwaves. In these high pressure regions probably- as I believe- occure then direct fusion processes between these particles, what causes them (by the process of the continuing gravity collapse) to spread energy . Scientists say. suns spots " contort" the magnetic fields of the matter around them, kind of squeezing out their energy , what triggers energy eruptions , known as " Sun flares", "Coronal mass ejections" (CME) " protuberances " - however all these sun eruptions scientifically are named and distinguished. Each Sun spot (depending on its size- cause those smaller and larger eruptions , and ( what I believe) with each eruption a smaller or higher quantity of high energetic protoplasmic sun matter can escape the Sun`s gravity - This matter forms the so- called sun winds- consisting sometimes out of thousand tons of highly energized solar matter, which approximately 2 days ( in average, depenfing on their initial acceleration) after the eruption reach also the Earth.

image: NASA: Latest SDO image from the Sun surface

I am not the first who statistically could prove that these sun winds have an influence on the seimic activities on Earth Simply said: They heat up the Earth interior during sun spot activites highs ( that leqds toincreased volcanism and Earthquake activity) forcing the Earth matter expand. After higher " jumps" in the Sun activity (Sun winds )- so showed up my first year of examination-followed in 2010 numerous Earthquakes above 7.0. Most of the were offshore quakes-. But not many of them caused reported damage ( as the heat makes the earth more soft as I guess). But as more these processes supported and triggered volcanism all around the world. which- not very well noticed by the media reached in 2010 a significant height. Another tpye of rather desastrous Earthquakes occures again, if the sun spot activity suddenly drops towards zero by the opposite contracting ( colling) effect. This is about on what my new Earthquake foreecasts are based on and I am continuing to explore that statistically . You can go on my site " sun spot archives 2010" to see the data comarations I have gathered in 2010.

The sun activity increases to a maximum all 11 years and decreases to a minimum towards the halftime / 5.5. years) in between - Towards the Maximum the visible sun spots become more while the their numbers diminuishes in the half time in between indicating rather colder years. However, in the year 2011/ 2012 there is a new maxium of sunspots in this regular 11 - years circle . There was an extreme low sun post activity during the last Minimum in 2005/ 06 - so reported the NASA expecting also a correlant extreme height in sun spot activity towards and in in 2012. THe issue must be very important for The NASA. In February 2010 Nasa lounched an new statellite, the " Solar Dynamics observatory ( SDO) which measures along with numerous terrestric overvatories mostly the effetcs of sunwinds on electronic devices such as Radio TV satellites and and electricity grids, and sent since then some sensational images and videos of sun eruptions sun spots and solar winds to Earth.

Click here to get to the NASA website of SDO

This is why you find in this years 2010 another curve in my graphics. The green curve represents the sun spot activity- the blue curve the planetary A index. which respesents the effects on the Earth`s magnatic field . Data are prvided by www solen. info- For all informations on 2010 click on the link " earth quake statistic 2010"above!

... in the recent years , I also decided, to add some (hopefully)more useful content to create a more comprehensive and central information page for people involved or situated in earthquake regions anyway :


Alien Homepage- Earth quake Statistics - about- some background information

For years, the Earts most active center was in the eastern parts of the so called " ring of fire" in the region of Indonesia....... but with begin of 2010 the region there was probably compressed enough, so that the center of earthquakes seems to have moved in January 2010 Eastwards. In Jan 2010 , most earthquakes took place obn the boundaries of the South and North American tectonic plate to the Carribbean and the Cocos plate . Currently I therefore also try to examine, whether the earthquakes activity center regularly shifts on the Earth during the year in between or to other regions and whether this has to do with the declination of the Earth axis to the sun . My new earthquake map 2011 will therefore be concepted in a way that it finally shows how the earthquake activity shifts on Earth and whether it does so between important periods of the Earth orbit such as the soltices and the Equanox points ( nodes) : The last Earthquakes end of 2010 indicate again ,that this could be the case.

NEW: Somebody had the idea, there could be a relation of Earthquakes to the sun`s activity. As the suns spots are an indicator for the SUN`s activity, I have added a GREEN CURVE of the suns spots to the daily earthquake map>The reason: At begin of APRIL, a greater Sun- protuberance caused an immense Sun wind, carrying on April 2nd particles to the earth. see video: us. gov.-Sun Survey-

Two days after, on April, 4th , there was a large earth quake in Baja California, and on April 5th and april 6th , a record of each day more than 400 quakes above 2.9 were registered worldwide!

> The columns in the graphics above represent the highest earthquake amplitude measured on that specific day ( date source: USGS/ NEIC.

The numbers in the columns stand für the total number of earthquakes above 2.9 measured worldwide on that specific day (USGS/ NEIC.

New is, that I want to examine the relationship to the sun spots measured on that day. The numbers of sun spots are indicated by the green line. which is drawn through the graphics. In the related scale left: the number s1- 9 mean the amplitudes of earthquakes as well as they mean ( times 10: 3" times 10 = 30)the number suns spots on that day (

Icelans volcanoes global volcanism programm





MARCH/ APRIL 2010(Iceland) : On March 20/ 21- directly on Equanox, the galcier volcanoEyjafjallajökull started to fill itself with magma and for around 3 weeks there were smallereruptions visible in the crater itself, which attrackted more and more sight seers and tourists. But- differently to the most volcanos ( read below) in this volcano system does not just makle several sudden eruption, after allm is over, but becomes active for longer periods. Three weeks later,on April 14th, the glacial volcano suddenly erupted a giant plume of thick smoke . Immidiately , due to a British computer animations how the ash amounts would be distributed over Europe,the European agencies for air space safetly closed the entire European airspace for more than 5 days.Europeans have almost no experience with volcanoes and compared the eruptions first to the sudden erutiopns the otzher wlellknow volcano Etna ind Sicil usually makes. But the Etna is situated on a volcanic fault were the tectonic plates collide and therefor its eruption ar quick and with more energy and emit more or less big pieces of stione andMagma , while the Eyjafjallajökull is on a place ( Midatlantic ridge) where the two tectonic plates drift apart form each other.It was disputed then what kind opf particles the volcano erupted ( most of it was Silicate) and in which size these particles were. But also here the volcano of Iceland had to be judged in a different way. The particles it emits and those drift over long distances are rarther something like fine sands, which now, since the eruption kind of " rain down over entire Europe. Its hard to predict how these special particles, the Icleand volcano emits, would be distributed by the usual winds over the continent, its mountains and high an low pressure areas ( similar as the rain distributes) and also in which concentrations they woul harm the engines of jet airliners. Due to the hundredthousand tourist trapped in ther holiday regions, the Brtitish army sent out ships to get their citizens back, while the german airliners ( Lufthansa) complained about the strict order to close the air space so long and received now special permissions for so called " deep flights by sight ( in around 6000 meter height to end thn chaos caused by the fact, that there seeems no more to exist to be any working second trafficking system by land or see with colled containers ... to to the fact that the entirely stock market driven German economy has rationalized all away what they thought would be " unnecessary uncosts " counting only on luxurious air transports of things and people. Now they see how fragile the reminders are.


Geologically, the eruptions in iceland are directly driven by movements of the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates, along the so called "mid atlantic ridge". It must strongly be assumed, that the current tectonic activities are driven from changes in the Arctical regions, resp. by the retreat ( I dont believe in the CO2 theory, so I say :" displacement") of the ice masses there! / "displacement means, that the ice caps are not melting compületely ( and not by the CO2 concentration itself) , but are periodical changing their positions. All rarely available informations show, that the two icecaps are melting only on one side and will later freeze on the opposite site again . The great masses of ice, those break away since some years from both icecaps, drift through the oceans and have changed the mass distribution on the earth surface ( and with bigger intensity even the rotation velocity). Those about are the ongoing procedurese which are responsible for the many seismic activities an catastrophic earthquakes we witness sexpsecially since 2010 now and these will continue und intensify, until these periodical " cosmical" changes ar completed Its hart to explain it so shortly. Just read my articles on the following pages: "2012- apocalypse?" and: "Earth- precession"

Differently to other volcanic regions, the plates don`t collide there but drift apart from each other. Most parts of the Atlantic ridge are under water, which holds the activity underseas under pressure . In this system, Iceland is one of the few valves, where the activity gets to the surface by volcano chimneys. This is the reason, why this volcano system erupts not only once or twice ( as volcanos do ingeologic faults , but can remain active for longer periods. Its activity depends on the the activities of the 2 continental plates. This year,in Haiti , the first real activity was measured in the Atlantic region since 60 -50 years- ( as the plates drift apart, the region is normally almost calm since thousands of years!). This new activity on the Atlantic ridge is therefore an new experience, noone in Europ seems to have been really prepared for, nor even able to realise all its circumstances ( 20-4-2010)

the coastline near Banda Aceh /Sumatra Indonesia was the epicenter of the giant 8.0 sea quake on Dec 26-2004 and also the one of sep- 29-09. In both cases a deadly Tsunami affected wide parts of the South East Asians coastlines (thanks to NEIC)

right image: Sumatra/Indonesia (Wikipedia)

Most of victims in Samoa and Haiti died under the debree of concrete buildings , constructed as called flat slab buildings. when the ground began to rattle from one side to the other, they collapsed faster as anyone could get out of them! Such a construction can carry much weight but is earth quake safe enough just in countries like germany where almost never any real earthquake ever occured ! What was supposed to make people`s houses strong against earthquakes , killed as many as nothing else in such an earthquakes did! Only bammboo huts were really safe places! What has to be done is at least make the steel enforcement as a kind of frame all around the building connected with screws and welded in the way as skyscratchers are constructed ! It may collapse as well but people would still have enough time to get out of these buildings!
how to construct an earthquakes safe house? here some fundamental ideas:
salomon islands

locations in so called ring of fire like the SALOMON ISLANDS are usually one of the most active seismic zones on the earth Nevertheless even sea quakes above 7 never seemed to effect much on the islands themselves (NEIC).

This was changing Jan- 4-2010 on Dec 2009 when an sea quakes nearby caused another Tsunami which hit the islands with waves up to 30 meters!

most of heaviest injuries in the recent earthquakes - which oftenly require amputations- came by collapsing buildings, constructed in the so called " flat slab" esp. because heavy steel inforced concrete ceilings just sit on so called " carrying side walls". above some ideas who those houses should be constructed (click on the image to see them enlarged)








  Section 3 : All about earth quake statistics:

what are " Earth quake statistics?"

EARTHQUAKES are widely regarded as absolutely unpredictable" events. I think they are predictable, as they result from gravitational planetary influences on the normally calm mass of the earth!

In  earthquakes statistics I want to compare planetary " constellations" resp formations with the earthquake events . Therefor you find two tables- one for the earthquakes- the other for the planetary courses with all informations about Full moon, nodes, eclipses and so on...Its updated sometimes weekly sometimes earlier or later

In these graphic statistic you will find each day`s maximum recorded earthquake on earth in form of the highest measured amplitude of that day measured by NEIC . The data are taken from NEIC- If there a more than one above 6.0 on one single day, you find the column prolongued in yellow, green and blue color

On each days column with the maximal amplitude there is a number , which stands for the number of all measured earthquakes of that day of a minimal amplitude of 2.9. on and higher

Both data are used by myself to research/examine relations between planetary influences and the seismic activities. I plan to make an total statistic evaluation of meanwhile 8 years of complete data base, as soon as I have time or reason to do so, and will also provide the results on my pages here. Meanwhile I could draw some conclusions, that there is a relation, with those i could for example halfwayor luckily predict e a second Tsunami in 2005. and also with this years Tsunami prediction I was correctly inner about 1 month.

>Out of these results I try to provide here in my weather forecasts-so far as possible - at least some winks, when earthquakes risks are to be expected and when they are not . I dont think, I am generally wrong with that , but also my problem is rather " how precisly this is possible , resp such a prediction can be . If you want to understand more of my methods and basic theory I am working on, you can find information through the links provided in the section or read the short version on this site here below! If you want to make further reasearch on that you are invited to do so!

Please note: Its not possibly for me to provide exact data on which date or hour earthquakes or Tsunamis exactly will occure. But I have made some progress in understanding in which periods they will occure most probably. So- take these forecasts as a tendency report , that can tell for sure some about risky times and those which are not risky at all but not exactly to the date Read about my theory in the section "All about earthquake statistics" below!

Nevertheless I can give you no guarantee on any of my forecasts!

  Teide_teneriffe el pico del Teide, Tenerife ,  
  the ring of fire is the most active seismic region on earth: ring_of_fire

graphic above: the ring of fire around the Pacific ocean,seismically, the currently world wide most active region

taken from: USGS

  A short guide for the understanding of earthquake statistics.

Introduction for this and all related pages of earthquake statistics

( Please read before)

  What do I want to prove in these statistics?
  Evaluations and analysis Not made yet. This year 2007 want to represent a first evaluation of that project in an usual form of an statistic evaluation.That will of course provide evidence that there are at least coincidences and so far also possible relationships between the strength and frequency of earthquakes and volcano eruptions and some - but only special constellations

  Which data I use for the statistics?
  astronomical data base : I am using " Raphaels ephimeris of planets" which represents the actual planetary constellations so called astrological calenders and tables do not represent the real current constellations of the planets. These usual astrology- calendars you can can find in 90 % of all publications as newspapers or journals.

earth quake report Data base

All data are taken form the NATIONAL EARTHQUAKE INFORMATIION CENTER in Coleradop ( uSA rund by the US government

  The four elements (1):
  New Project. begun in 2010


Many had the idea, there could be a relation of Earthquakes to the sun`s activity. As the suns spots are an indicator for the SUN`s activity, I have added a GREEN CURVE of the suns spots to the daily earthquake map>The reason:, On begin of APRIL, a greater Sun- protuberance caused an immense Sun wind, carrying particles to the earth. Two days after there was a large earth quake in Baja California, and each day after more than 400 quakes above 2.9 were registered worldwide! First evaluations show, that Earthquakes do not directly happen synchroniously with sun spots or eruptions, but always 2 days later, when usually the particle winds of those "CME" s hit the earth. They therefore must be considered as the energy source which at least amplifies the earth quake energy or even triggers the quakes.>> the green curve displays the number of so called sun spots. ( index number left times 10>> 3,5 times 10 = 30 measured sun spots). Sun Spots are areas with higher gravity of fusion processes inside the sun , those rise up to the sun surface during periods of higher Sun activity. Along the magnetic field lines are bundled and reversed, what causes huge sun eruption ( coronal mass ejections= CME). The Sun activity ranges in a regular period of 11 years. The next " sun spot maximum will be in 2012. High energetic particles of those CMEs escape the Sun`s immense gravity and drive as sun winds also towards the Earth, where they can have many effects, such as the amplify Earth quakes. Typically, each sun spot causes forms out a more or less strong CME ( coronal mass ejection) or a protuberance ( sun flare) the blue curve represents s the so called " planetary A index. It represents the total of irritations in the Earth`s magnetic field , caused by those sun winds ( energetic mass particles) those effectively reach the Earth . A add this " Planetary a Index from Middle of April on, as it indicates more precisely, which sun winds reach the Earth and which pread from the S in other directions. to see what has more impact on the earth- the gravity distortions on the sun ( the sun spots) or the particle winds? An with three month of comparation, I would say: The gravity process ( when the sun spots form out and get visible ) seem to be two days earlier than the earthquakes. Therefore- if this will turn out to be equally in a longer evaulations, sun spots could become a very good indicator and therefor the best tool to predict Earth quakes- The earthquake seem to take place regularly about 2 days after the sun spots ( sun eruptions ) , resp. , when the sun winds of the CME ( very energetic particles) reach the earth. These particles winds impacting on the Earth must not generally or neccessarely be regarded as a trigger to any earth quakes, but they seem to have the capability to trigger, but- at least, to amplify Earth quakes .Unfortunately I have no data now from years with less sun spot activities. The Tsunami 2004 happened in a year with decreasing activity. Longer evaluations will show what evidence there is.






  About Earthquakes

The earth is a massive body, which moves through the universe. As all matter/ mass contains rep. produces gravity , the pressure inside the matter of these cosmical bodies is highest in their center.

During their time of existence, all matter undergoes a constant but unendless seeming process of contracktion. THat this process is possible the "energies " which keep all these subatomic particles apart from each other. resp. circling around each other must emerge , must be emitted:

In that way the sun produces even the light, that warms us up. In less massive bodies this process produces rather heat , which keeps the earth core even fluid , while steady warm streamings rise up to its surface were they finally get lost radiate into the cold universe. If not- the heat on the earth surface would also be unbearable .


My theory of earthquakes is based on the so called "INERTIA OF MASS " : ( wikipedia:)"Inertia is the resistance of mass, i.e. any physical object, to a change in its state of motion"

However . simply explained: if the earth would move alone through the universe- no other source would effect on its own motions. But the earth also whould then only be able to move out of its own energies.

Going back the process also known as " gravity pressure" as described above, which finally lead to that what we call " Earthquakes" we would have conclude, that these energies would also emmit to the surface in a steady equal conform fluently way ( using the well known geolgiocal channels) but not in that abrupt way as we known that from earthquakes and also Volcano eruptions.

The logically there must be another power that brings them out of their " state of motion" that they finally come up in such an irregular seeming time table

And these powers can only be the influences of other planets reps cosmical bodies. That power could be energy as we know that form the sun. but the even more dominant power effecting between all cosmical bodies in the universe seem to be the gravity

  result: There for I evaluated these earthquake statistics statistically , in which way during which constellations eartzhn quakes are harest and through the years this theory proves aver mor to be most probably reps true
  possibilities of prediction

out of these eveluation I would surely propose that earthquakes are predictable.

My methods allows me actually only to determine times and periods , when earthquakes would happen most probable. I have predicted the Tsunami in 2005 as well as I predicted the most heardest earthquakes in 2009 would opcure form 15 S eptember until 30 of October . I will to improve the methods, as far as I have certain conclusions, but this has its frontieres. What I have done yet is tio establish a kind of ground theory which has statistically to be proven before it can be better evekluated: Therefor you can sees this ground work with the earthquakes statiotsics of the recebnt 7 years on my homepage

to get it more accurate I would have to refine the methods with very exact astronomical databases , which is just not possible for me , as long as would not I have not dozens of stuff making als these calculations for each single day, resp: as long as no established institute makes a software to calculate that automatically : I am just not able to make this all, it would cost all of my time .

So if there is any institute is interested to develope my method up to such a software necessary to make that work easier I will not be able to get it more precisely


Therefor anyone should take my earthquakes forecasts on my weather sites just as estimation. I just cannot get the exact time. But I am sure by this method it is possible top predioct earthquakes maybe even uo to the minute and even it is possible to determine about the exact location when the next heavy earthquakes could strike the earth


Archivmaterial aus den Erdbebenstatistiken der letzten Jahre




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